15 Handy Products To Make Life Better For You

Innovation has indeed helped mankind to achieve the unthinkable and is continuing to do so. It has affected the daily life of man in so many ways, that now on cannot even think to live without it. Below mentioned are so of the innovative products which will help you complete your work without any problem. We hope you like our recommendation!!

All the products are independently selected by our team.

1.Ducor Design Batman Thumb Book Holder

book holder batman - The Dashing Man

  • For the hardcore Batman fans, here is a lightweight and portable size, easy to carry, and use thumb book holder.
  • It is non-porous, hygienic, durable, slip-resistant, and impact-resistant.

Price- Rs 225   Shop Now on Amazon

2. JOWHOL Magnetic Floating Globe with LED Lights, 24-Hours Auto-Rotating

levitating globe auto rotation - the dashing man

  • What can be better decorative than a floating globe! Looks exquisite and good to learn as well.

Price- Rs 3999     Shop Now on Amazon

3. Paper Trimmer

paper trimmer - The Dashing Man

  • Being ideal for both office and home, this everyday portable paper trimmer with a 30.48 cm guillotine-style and self-sharpening steel blade, is just perfect.
  • Guardrail keeps fingers at a safe distance from the blade; when not in use, trimmer arm can be secured in place, fully hiding the blade.

Price- Rs 1559    Shop Now on Amazon

4. T One Woods Round DIY Craft Wooden Log Natural Bark Coaster

  • Are you an artist who loves to paint in anything and everything? Then this amazing product is definitely for you.
  • You can use this at home, office, kitchen, and for your DIY as well.

Price- Rs 299   Shop Now on Amazon

5. Crown Town Eco-Friendly Electronic LED Mosquito Killer Machine Trap Lamp

  • The mosquito problem is worldwide. So this mosquito killer lamp helps release the light wave of 365 Nm in length which is specially designed for attracting mosquitoes.
  • Working purely in physical mosquito eradication techniques to kill mosquitoes completely.
    Strong suction, when the mosquito is close to the lamp, it will be sucked into the bottom by a strong vortex, killing mosquitoes in inhale style.

Price- Rs 739  Shop Now on Amazon

6. Flat Spray Mop

  • This comes as a great help for the mothers who take up each and every responsibility of the house.
  • It has a liquid dispenser and movable handle, high absorbent microfiber. It can be used for both wet and dry surfaces, marble flooring, and tiles cleaning.

Price- Rs 586  Shop Now on Amazon

7. Bottom Line portable toilet jet spray

  • Ideal for travelers who face discomfort in using toilet paper and prefer water instead.
  • It includes two reusable magic hooks, that work on any surface. Comes with a waterproof carry pouch to store the product.

Price- Rs 1250   Shop Now on Amazon

8. Multiflow Shower Head Filter for Hard Water Softening, Conditioning & Chlorine – Standard Cartridge for Metro/Municipal Water

hard water filter - The dashing man

  • ARE YOU ALSO FACING THE SAME PROBLEM OF HARD & CHLORINATED WATER RUINING YOUR HAIR & SKIN? WaterScience Multiflow shower head filter purifies and conditions your water to reduce the effects of hardness and other impurities.
  • It can be used on standard taps, wall showers & hand showers.

Price- Rs 2696   Shop Now on Amazon

9. Clearline Automatic Electric Dough Kneader With Non-Stick Bowl

  • Here is the solution to make your kitchen work easy. With this electric dough, the kneader say goodbye to the tedious job of making dough.
  • It has a double lid design that enables pouring of ingredients during operation: 15-minute automatic timer. Suitable for all types of flour.

Price- Rs 4095   Shop Now on Amazon

10. InnoFur Wood Modern Ergonomic Chair

Gond paintings are one of the forms of painting from folk and tribal art. It is still practiced and preserved by one of the largest Indian tribe named Gond. The word Gond comes from the Dravidian expression, Kond which means ‘the green mountain’. … Gond paintings are a beautiful reflection of man’s close connection with his natural surroundings and habitat.

  • This unique modern design with riding style offers maximum comfort to your back.
  • This Angled Kneeling Desk Chair will keep your back at an upright position, distributing your weight evenly throughout your buttocks and legs, all while keeping your spine aligned. Effectively relieves Back pain, Neck strain, Hunching, and correct Bad Posture. Knee support greatly reduces muscle fatigue.

Price- Rs 4999  Shop Now on Amazon

11. Gaiam Balance Ball Chairs

  • Created by leading health & fitness experts to improve overall well-being and provide an active outlet for having to sit for long periods of time.
  • Featuring the same yoga ball as the exercise guide, this chair helps to boost energy levels and increase productivity with an active body and a focused and engaged mind

Price- Rs 15,168   Shop Now on Amazon

12. Grin Health SitRight Pro Comfort Lumbar Support Pillow

Health SitRight Pro Comfort Lumbar Support Pillow - The Dashing Man

  • Who like soft and sleek luxury back support cushion. It takes less space on the car seat/office chair. This “premium memory foam” perfectly matches the anatomy of your spine, more suitable to adapt to your waist structure.
  • Orthopaedic design adapts perfectly to the shape of the body, provides good support for the spine, and ensures the lumbar spine lordosis to be anatomically correct.

Price- Rs 1833   Shop Now on Amazon

13. Grass Textured, Natural Feel, Comfy, Soft, Flip Flops for Men

natural feel slipper - The Dashing Man

  • More Shock Absorbent, Lightweight & Flexible. Anti-skid slippers.
  • Comfortable water-friendly footbed with FIFA certified Synturf Grass of these slippers for men feels natural and keeps feet relaxed

Price- Rs 475 – 499   Shop Now on Amazon

> Prices as on 29th Oct,2021

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