15 Super Cool Products that Every Laptop User Totally Requires

Working, browsing the web, and watching TV mean you’re likely to spend a lot of time in front of the laptop. This is why we have these amazing best laptop accessories that protect your computer, make your workspace more ergonomic, and even boost your productivity.

1. Every person who deals with Laptops every day will surely find this USB C Hub very effective! Now, you can work seamlessly with multiple pins and pen drives! The device is portable and helps you transfer multiple files at lightning speed. Upload and download data, files, videos, etc. up to 5Gbps. Get it today at just rupees 2998 only!

USB C Hub- The Dashing Man

2. No need to sit at your study table all day when you have your personal folding study table! It is suitable for laptops, tablets, and even other stationery materials.  You also get the perfect grip with its smart non-slip design. Save your thighs from the heat of your laptop and work with ease with the help of this pre-assembled table at just rupees 799 only!

Folding Laptop Table- The Dashing Man

3.  Your device needs cleaning and maintenance from time to time to keep it working smoothly. If the cleaning goes unnoticed and is ignored for a longer period, your design can be damaged severely! Well, now you do not need to worry when you have your personal superior cleansing kit! The cleaning kit can be used to clean all your electronic devices right from your laptop, to your TV, computer, tablet, keyboard, etc. The microfiber cloth helps in removing the dust easily. And the cleaning brush is enough to clean the small places like space within your keyboard keys!

Purchase the multipurpose cleaning kit at just rupees 266 only!


4. Give your dear laptop the best protection of 4 protective layers with the help of this innovative laptop case! It is suitable for all from office purposes, to school, college, or other daily usages. You can stay tension-free when you know that your device is protected with the extra smart 3D foam cushion, which ensures 360-degree protection all day long! Get the sleek, water-resistant laptop cover for yourself at just rupees 429 only!

Laptop Bag Sleeve Case Cover- The Dashing Man

5. Are you the one who is always worried about their camera being on in the meetings even after you turned it off and checked a million times? Well, no need to worry now, when you have your webcam covers as your savior! It is super easy to install and to take care of. One of the best things about this webcam cover is that it is suitable for all your electronic devices! The cover is super thin which would not even feel when you shut your laptop down. Purchase the webcam cover today and save yourself from dangerous hackers at just rupees 189 only!

Webcam Cover- The Dashing Man

6. We all know how irritating the heat of the laptop can be when you use it for long periods of time. So, save yourself from that extra harmful heat with the help of the Zinq laptop cooling dual pad! The pad acts as a cooler to reduce the heat emitting from working for long hours from your laptop. It even acts as a stand to give you the correct angle to work and not strain your body. Do not forget to check out the laptop cooling pad for yourself at just rupees 799 only!


7.  Save yourself from straining your body with the help of this amazing portable laptop stand! It is specifically designed to hold your device while you work at it. The smart design of the stand helps to redirect the heat emitting from your laptop. You are provided with a tough grip which will make sure that the laptop would not slip from your bag or hands while you work.

Carry the lightweight but tough portable laptop stand with you at just rupees 529 only!

Portable Laptop Stand- The Dashing Man

8. Get the perfect feeling of working at your office desk with the help of this useful laptop desk tray with cushions! Designed for laptops up to 17.3 inches, this desk tray works well with every laptop model! The padded surface helps you to work without stressing your body. You are even provided with non-slip mouse pads that help you work effortlessly! Make work from home a piece of cake at just rupees 1229 only!

Laptop Lap Desk Tray- The Dashing Man

9. Why worry about how messing cleaning your devices can get when you have your personal residue-free smart cleaning gel! It is proven to kill the hidden harmful germs and have a great disinfecting effect without putting much effort! The gel reaches in places which are hard to reach by our hands and cleans the dirt and grime easily! Cleanse your phones, laptops, keyboards, and other devices with ease and a little bit of fun at just rupees 169 only!

AC Vent Cleaning Gel- The Dashing Man

10.  Get ready to work for long periods of time without straining your eyes with the blue light emitting from the screen with the help of this amazing guard screen for laptops! The anti-peep technology prevents anyone from seeing anything from the sides while you see everything. So, now, you can perform your bank transactions and do your work without worrying about anyone peeking in your laptop!

Protect your device from scratches at just rupees 2599 only!

Privacy Guard Filter Screen for Laptop- The Dashing Man

11. Keep your device cool with the help of this splendid USB fan! Compatible with any device, it can be charged with the batteries of your laptop, phones, etc. Be cool on the hot sunny days at just rupees 1699 only!

12. Work smartly with the help of the Logitech smart wireless mouse! It is compatible with all your devices like laptops, Macbook, Ipad, etc. Connect once and forget about the battery for 12 long months! Smart optical tracking makes sure that the mouse works on every surface. You can trust the mouse to work up to 10m away from your device with its smart plug and forget technology! Get it today at just rupees 645 only!

Wireless Mouse- The Dashing Man

13.  Be camera-ready always for your meetings with this selfie enhancing LED Ring Light! The face enhancement technology along with the brightness makes sure to capture your best looks! Purchase the amazing light today at just rupees 340 only!

Ring Light- The Dashing Man

14.  Work in the best-LED USB plug-connected light and protect your eyes! It can be easily rotated and adjusted as per your will and is best for working late in the night when you are running behind deadlines! Get the best-LED USB light at just rupees 349 only!


15. Stay away from the fear of running out of your battery with the help of this amazing 3 in 1 fast charging cable! The multi-functional and universal plugs can be connected with any device! Be on the move with the durable wires at just rupees 349 only!

3 in 1 Charging Cable - The Dashing Man

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