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15 Unique Tattoo designs for the tattoo lovers!

15 Unique Tattoo designs for the tattoo lovers!

Unique Tattoo designs are made for people who like to experiment a lot! Be it with tattoo designs or your life choices, you are not someone who backs away from taking risks. This is because you know that taking risks is what will bring you closer to success! You can handle the responsibility that comes with being popular and love the fame that it brings to your life! And most of all, you love all the attention that you get by being unique!

Being unique does not scare you per se, because you know that you are more powerful when you stand outside of the crowd! And now, it has even become a part of your personality! So, you should be different when it comes to your tattoo designs too right? Well, if you agree with us then, you are on the right page! In this post, we are going to show you 15 Unique Tattoo designs for tattoo lovers! So, let us begin!

The high priestess guides you to your purpose in life!

Take a look at the traditional and magical tattoo design in the image below! It shows a high priestess in her serene and magical form. She would help you to reach your true destiny! She is the symbol of intuition, believing in one’s abilities. This is a unique tattoo filled with motivation and it tells you to have faith in yourself!

Apart from that, if you like the stories of the fictional world then, this tattoo would also be a good choice for you! This is because it is believed that the high priestess also guides people into different realms with her powers. So, how cool is that huh?

The crocodile tattoo design shows your strength and determination!

Crocodiles can survive the toughest living conditions. So, they are considered the symbol of strength, determination, masculinity, and wild and beastly nature. Just like the crocodile you should also keep moving ahead and get closer to your success! The best place to ink this unique tattoo would be your arm and legs!

Sometimes it is all about believing in the power of magic and angels!

A true leader like you deserves a king tattoo design like in the image below!

Do people hang onto every word that comes out of your mouth? Do they look to you for advice when things are not so good? Are you someone who likes to empower people by giving them a necessary push when they need it? Well, then, you are a true leader! A leader like you knows people’s weaknesses but does not use this knowledge to hurt them. Instead, you are someone who guides people to be the best version of themselves! So, a true emperor like you deserve a majestic king tattoo like in the image below!

Unique Tattoo Design


A tattoo design that satisfies your inner adventurer!

Playful raccoon arm tattoo for you to ink!

Feeling a little playful? Are you not sure about which design to choose? Well, why do not you take a look at the design in the image below? This is more of a fun and playful design that shows your laidback personality! This shows that you are all about having fun in life and people love you for this! You are someone who could heal souls just by sitting with them! We are certain that you are the life of the party, are you not?

Lioneness tattoo to honor your powerful mother!

Christian skull tattoo design for you to ink!

A unique tattoo for you to ink on your arm!

Admire the snake sitting on your shoulder like it is sitting on a branch!

Unique tattoo design for soulmates who live miles apart!

A true Harry Potter fan deserves this Hogwarts inspired tattoo design!

Are we looking at a true Harry Potter fan in the house today? Well, why do not you go for your true passion and true love? Ink this Hogwarts inspired tattoo design and we are sure that it will be the talk of the town for days! When you would glance at the design you would be brought back to the memories of your childhood when this fictional world brought you immense happiness! We are sure that you do not want to miss out on inking this unique tattoo design!

Mori tattoo design reminds you to live your life as per your rules!

Mori tattoo is the symbol of not taking life too seriously! After all, you are going to get to live this life only once. So, why are you wasting it worrying about trivial matters and problems? They will only cause hindrance to your inner happiness! So, inking this design would remind you to live your life as per your rules! Who is there to stop you when your soul is free?

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Unique Tattoo Design


Honor your feline master with the help of this tattoo design!

Do you have a little feline at your home who you love with all your heart? Well, your feline master surely deserves to be honored with a tattoo as in the image below! You can ink out the image of your cat and to add some personal touch to the design you can ink some of your cat’s favorite stuff! Like their toys or their favorite food!

People like to complete the design by inking the name of their kitty cat just below the tattoo design! We are sure that you are going to love this tattoo design!

The falling man tattoo design represents your hopelessness

And for the last tattoo for the day, we bring you this unique tattoo design! Take a look at the falling man tattoo design in the image below! It shows that you are feeling restless, hopeless, and lonely in your life. If you have faced a big loss in your life, then you should acknowledge it with the help of this tattoo design. Mostly when people face huge financial loses, loss of fame, and name in society, they ink this design.

But some hope still lies in this design! You still have the power to rise back to the glory that belonged to you! All you need is a push and some belief in your abilities! We are sure that you will be good to go!

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