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16 Amazing Products To Make Your Online Classes Better

Amazing Products For Online Classes - The Dashing Man

In this era, one needs to be fast and up-to-date with the current and ever-evolving technology. One can experience comfort when they are at par with fast and smart technology. Take the example of the times where students have to attend online classes. Though the online lectures seem tedious and uninteresting at times… well, most of the time. They can be made a fun experience with the help of some cool and multipurpose stationery and other useful tools! Strap your bags and get ready to check out some cool stuff to make your online lectures a fresh and fun experience!

1. Tired of holding your phone or tablet for long hours while attending numerous meetings? Well, give your hands some rest with the help of the universal mobile and tablet holder! You get 360-degree rotation which makes your experience comfortable. Along with that, you get 35.44 inches of length of the arm so, that you maintain a good distance from the screen. Get it today at just rupees 699 only!


Mobile and Tablet Holder- The Dashing Man

2. Stay organized and keep your desk squeaky clean with the help of this metal file rack desk organizer! Keep track of your files and papers without fretting over misplacing them. Purchase the adjustable desk organizer at just rupees 749 only!

Desk File Rack- The Dashing Man

3. Give yourself the biggest blessing of extra storage with this under-shelf basket storage! Keep your books, assignments, or even your other study material right under your study table. And have them handy even during your zoom meetings! Get yourself the classroom feeling of under desk at just rupees 375 only!

Under Shelf Storage- The Dashing Man

4. Be camera-ready always with the help of the LED Ring Right along with a tripod stand! It is compatible with all your smartphones and tablets. So, do not shy away from turning your camera on when you have your ring right! Get it today and make it to your meetings looking fab at just rupees 1149!

LED Ring Right- The Dashing Man

5. Do you always have the irrational fear of having your camera on even after you made your 20 times that it is off? Well, then this webcam slide cover is the greatest gift for you! Slide the cover over your camera when you are done speaking and eat the chips you have without any worry! Buy today at just rupees 149 only!

Webcam Cover- The Dashing Man

6. Phone’s charging cord, Laptop’s charging cord, the extension cord, the wifi extender, earphones, printer’s wire, Oh God there are so MANY wires! And I bet you can picture the mess which is gracing your workspace with the gift of precious wires! So, to be sane and not fall into the trap of wires, you would need the wire cord organizer for yourself! Stay away from the headache of sorting tangled wires at just rupees 349 only!

Wire Cord Holder- The Dashing Man

 7. Have a problem with forgetting stuff told to you just a few minutes ago? Well, why worry when you have your chalkboard sticker? Note everything important and make fair and final notes once your meeting is done. Make taking the tedious process of taking notes fun and colorful at just rupees 399 only!

Chalkboard Sticker- The Dashing Man

8. Make sure that you pay attention in boring meetings with the help of the Boat wireless headphones! You get the large 500 mAh battery which lasts up to 20 hours! Also, get the specially designed and structured over-ear technology which helps you block out all the background noise. Make your purchase today at just rupees 1499 only!

Wireless Headphone- The Dashing Man

9. Make your working from home experience comfortable with the help of the multipurpose laptop/ study table! Save your thighs from getting overheated with the foldable table at just rupees 799 only!

Multipurpose Foldable Table- The Dashing Man

10. smartly correct your posture by purchasing this smart electric posture corrector! Avoid slouching with the gentle vibrations that alert you whenever your posture goes wrong. Works best for people who sit for long periods and give their spine a lot of stress. Correct your posture comfortably at just rupees 799 only!

Electric Posture Corrector- The Dashing Man

11. Do you spend long hours working in front of the screen? Then these blue light blocker glasses are made just for you! Protect your eyes from the harsh glare of the screen light emitting from your electronic devices. Prevent the major problems of dry eyes, eye fatigue, and poor sleep with the help of these smart glasses at just rupees 1099 only!

Blue Light Blocker Glasses- The Dashing Man

12. Sit and work at ease for long hours with the help of the super-soft fiber pillow! On those days when you are too lazy to go to your desk, this pillow becomes your savior! Make your purchase at just rupees 1699 only!

Fiber Pillow- The Dashing Man

13. No need to search for any other desk chairs when you have the comfiest and purposeful iron mesh desk chair! Adjust the height as per your requirement up to 5 inches. The umbrella shape of the chair makes it very easy for you to roll around and sit for long periods. The chair is thickly padded up to 2 inches which makes you at ease. Go cover the deadline of yours with the help of this useful desk chair at just rupees 3390 only! 

Iron Mesh Chair- The Dashing Man

14. This foldable study table is the best choice for people who do not want the big study table covering half of their room and want to store the space for other stuff. It is also useful for people living in small and compact spaces. Purchase the multipurpose foldable desk at just rupees 2999 only!

Foldable Study Desk- The Dashing Man

15. Are you one of those people who do not like to sit within the confines of their room and prefer to sit outside in your backyard? Or are you one of those people who have their Wifi router a little away from them? If so, then this Wifi wireless range extender is made just for you! Buy it for yourself at just rupees 1199 only!

Wifi Extender Wireless- The Dashing Man

16. Get rid of the feeling of numbness when you sit for long periods with the help of the pain relief cushion! Be comfortable at just rupees 747 only!

Pain Relief Cushion- The Dashing Man

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