25+ Amazing Products To Freshen Up Your Home Work Space

Working from home can be really difficult. You may not find all the required things at a home that were readily available at your office. Small things which often go unnoticed around your office, are usually the ones that make your work life easier.

Here is a compilation of 25 amazing products which will help you work from home.

1. You can buy this smart speaker with Alexa, which can be operated by voice, is compact, and can fit in your favorite places. You can use Amazon Echo Dot as a Bluetooth speaker by pairing your phone with it. Or you can connect it to other speakers/headphones through Bluetooth/3.5mm jack

Price- Rs 3299

Amazon smart speaker with Alexa - The Dashing Man

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2. This 9 Slot File Organizer can help you to organized magazine books files. It can store magazines, newspapers, documents, mail, and other items, great organizational tools, great for home, office, waiting rooms, and breakrooms. Beautiful decorative magazine rack, which can be placed in the office, school, lounge, tea room, living room, etc.

Price – Rs 499

File Organizer Magazine Holder Stand - The Dashing Man

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3. This coffee-cork coasters set is a natural product that is heat resistant, absorbs moistures, spilled liquid, and does not create scratches on your table. It will protect your desk from condensation spills and coffee stains and will give a unique look as well.

Price- Rs 445

Coffee Cork Coasters Set - The Dashing Man

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4. This wax jar candle is something that adds a very special touch to the ambiance, whether the coziness factor or just sheer elegance that it lends to the decor. French Lavender. Stretching majestically over the purple lavender fields of French landscapes, these beautifully slender flowers infuse the crisp air with a heavenly fragrance. Their smell almost mesmerizes you into a happy trance.

Price- Rs 525

Wax Jar Candle - The Dashing Man

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5. These Sticky notes are useful and fancy at the same time. They help you remind things, and you can just pull them off when you are done. Available in grey marble effect, the sticky notes are a great addition to your stationery collection. You can just upgrade your working area with these cute things around.

Price- Rs 299

sticky notes - The Dashing Man

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6. This study desk lamp is all you need to make your workspace look aesthetic. This becomes an essential item to have on your study table with its stylish shade cup and base.

Price- Rs 1499

desk lamp - The Dashing Man

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7. This thick desktop corkboard is suitable for home and office to hold pictures, memos, and calendars. It has a polished wood frame design, which is firm and will not scratch your hands.

Price – Rs 599


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8. These potted plants combo will make your desk look just as in touch with nature. Being ceramic, the pot is fragile and must be handled with care.

Price- Rs 890

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9. This Clip Photo Holder is easy to hang with a built-in hook itself at the top, save a lot of trouble and time, with a Grid hanging basket that helps to put a lot of stuff such as plants for decoration, statues, teddy bears, and many more things. Perfect for home daily use and party favor, you can hold home products to save space and keep things tidy.

Price- Rs 1549

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10. This Multi-Purpose Mouse pad or laptop pad could be used as a writing mat for the table, mouse pad for the laptop, keyboard pad mat, mouse pad extended. This leather office desk mat also can be used for office desk mats. This Table mat has paper & a pen pocket for hold pens & your important papers. Usable mouse pad computer for office, home, good product for wireless & wired mouse, optical mouse. Easy to wash & clean.

Price –Rs 499

Nivera Multi-Purpose Mouse pad - The Dashing Man

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11. It is a 6 compartment mesh desktop organizer with well-thought-out dimensions for your desk accessories that keep the stuff you need at hand. It is a space-saving mesh design with a stylish drawer. No extra tools are needed.

Price- Rs 899

Metal Desk Organizer - The Dashing Man

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12. The ergonomic footrest can be adjusted to get the hammock higher or lower according to your needs. Relieve your fatigue and get your body to relax. You can use it in the office, book room, your shop and any place you need. 

Price- Rs 1749

footrests - The Dashing Man

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13. The outlets of this Power Strip Extension Cord have a good grip for holding all devices preventing slipping out and won’t become loose easily like other poor-quality power strips. Universal power sockets can fit for worldwide plugs, such as US plug, UK plug, and Europe plug, etc. Allows room for large block space outlets. And it is the perfect solution for charging 9 power-hungry devices simultaneously and eliminating a bunch of chargers. Made by fireproof ABS plastic and PVC copper cable, guarantee to charge security and overload protection. extension cord with USB socket extension USB.

Price- Rs 1378

Power Strip Extension Cord - The Dashing Man

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14. This Anti Glare Reading Glasses for men is light-resistant and UV400 lenses prevent harmful light from damaging your eyes and block UV rays. Protect your eyes from harmful light when you watch TV, look at the computer, tablet, smartphone, or other electronic devices.

Price- Rs 399

Anti Glare Reading Glasses for men - The Dashing Man

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15. This Orthopedic Memory Foam Spine Big Lumbar Backrest relieves lower and mid back pain and tightness from a long time sitting or driving; supports your back’s curve to achieve perfect spinal alignment and promotes a healthy posture. Adjustable strap the back keeps the back support cushion in place and prevents the lumbar pillow from sliding down, extension straps make the backrest fits perfectly on any office chair, computer chair, armchair, sofa, couch, car seat, SUV, truck, wheelchair, and recliner seat, etc.

Price – Rs 1513

backrest memory foam - The Dashing Man

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16. This Air Humidifier refreshes skin and can be taken as skincare, keep skin healthy and moist. Stable mist-spraying, no wet on the desk. The whisper-quiet ultrasonic operation, incredibly silent in use, not disturbed your rest or sleep. It is a modern and simplistic design to match your room decor, 4 in 1 multi-function aromatherapy diffuser, humidifier, air purifier, and 7 LED night lights.

Price- Rs 549

Air Humidifier - The Dashing Man

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17. The keyboard cleaning gel is a wonderful cleaning gel mud for your electronic products like keyboard cleaner, computer, laptop, phone keypads, house phones, printers, calculators, TV remotes. Perfect car cleaner for picking up dirt/ crumbs from your car vent, car interiors, handle, doorknobs, automobile dashboard, and the areas hard to reach; car detailing putty gel does also work perfectly for your home appliance, such as succulents, fan grill, air conditioner AC vent, a window grill, etc.

Price- Rs 180

Cleaning slime gel - The Dashing Man

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18. This Cable Clip is made of eco-friendly PET material and constructed to the highest standards. It is more durable and long-lasting, and will easily make you gain time and money by increasing the life of your cables, freeing you from looking for them, keeping accidents. This cable clip manages wires and cables and secures them to a fixed point on a surface, like a wall, ceiling, or floor. It occupies very little space and doesn’t need to be glued to the surface.

Price- Rs 299

Wire Clips Cable Protector - The Dashing Man

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19. The Laptop Stand is foldable and its a lightweight design making it ultra-portable thus easy to pack up and carry along anywhere. The compact size is robust and can easily handle a larger Laptop size. With up to 7 customized angles, you can adjust the laptop stand angle according to your convenience.

Price- Rs 785

Laptop Stand- The Dashing Man

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20. This electronic reusable smart notebook allows you to digitalize various notes, search handwritten notes, create smart titles, store files in your google drive or OneNote, etc. Blast your nates and maximize your productivity. With this reusable notepad and Frixion Erasable pen, no need whiteboard at meetings, you can do your creative ideas or brainstorm in this smartbook, very portable to use.

Price- Rs 1499

Reusable Smart Notebook - The Dashing Man

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21. This cleaning kit provides all the tools you need to maintain your precious camera equipment. This cleaning kit is composed of carefully selected tools and materials to safely and effectively clean your camera and any other delicate optics. This cleaning kit is specifically designed to clean, brighten, and make any screen feel super smooth with our proprietary nano-coating!

Price- Rs 251

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22. These reusable straps for cords cable management are a good assistant for both home and office. It saves time and effort can be used repeatedly, elegant appearance, no more facing the cable confused. It organizes all kinds of cables such as data cable, power cable, mouse cable, keyboard cable.

Price- Rs 319


23. This self-adhesive removable wallpaper is Eco-friendly, anti-rust, waterproof, oil-proof, protects your furniture from corrosion and dampness. Easy to clean. Cover stains. Decorate and renovate old metallic furniture, make your house look more upscale. Suitable for the kitchen backsplash, cabinets, dishwasher, refrigerators, microwave ovens, cabinet, and other smooth surfaces.

Price- Rs 499

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24. This magical reed diffuser fragrance will carry you into the fairyland and the supernal world. This appealing fragrance has a strong and sweet scent that mesmerizes you completely.

Price- Rs  550


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25. This framed motivational quote set is just perfect for your wall. It will just enhance your working experience at your home. 

Price- Rs 249

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