20+ Remarkable Anchor Tattoo Designs With Meanings

Isn’t it amazing how our traditions are slowly getting incorporated into our society all over again and we call them trend. One such massive trend is of tattoos. Tattoos have been prevailing in our society and culture ever since the dawn of civilisation. Our ancestors used to get tattoos to mark their community symbol, victory sign and many other purposes. We now mark them as a fashion or sometimes to convey a message that we can’t say. We all know that pictures and symbols speak louder than words. Designs are many. Tattoo designs are generally symbolic and due to tremendous popularity there are various artists and designs available for you to choose. It is literally so difficult to choose one. If you are someone who is looking for anchor tattoo designs, then we have got your back dear. Here in this article we have covered some of the best available anchor tattoo designs for you. They are all intricately pleasing and symbolic. Let’s have a look at the collection.

  1. An anchor with ropes

An anchor symbolises the strength and courage to face all the challenges. The ambience of the anchor tattoo designs is blue and pink symbolising gender neutrality. It says that the strength is necessary for all human beings in their life. The stars in the back ground denote the place this inner strength in our life holds. Strength is always required along with hard work and determination to achieve all what you want.

Anchor Tattoo Designs With Meaning - The Dashing Man
source: Pinterest

2. An anchor with boat and compass

Anchor is used in ships to keep them firmly attached with the land during heavy storms. The anchor provides strength and durability to ship. The compass is used in navigation in sea. Without a compass the ship and the crew is directionless, there is no meaning of travelling without a compass. One of the unique anchor tattoo designs here says that both compass and anchor are necessary to keep us going. We should always have a goal and a direction to it along with strong will power to endure every thing on the way.

Anchor Tattoo Designs With Meaning - The Dashing Man
source: Pinterest

3. A 3-D compass connected to anchor over a map

As discussed anchor is a symbol of courage and strength while a compass symbolism and denotes direction in both life and path of journey. They are connected which symbolises that they both are together a big necessity to go on. The map here is our life. Different places on map designates different parts of our life, what we go through is decided by our choices.

Anchor Tattoo Designs With Meaning - The Dashing Man
source: Pinterest

4. An anchor tattoo design connected strongly with steering and compass

The steering is the one who acts according to the navigation of compass. A steering should not be in work without prior advice by compass and anchor, it leads to aimless wandering and destruction. These three together are the essential components on the way to success.

Anchor Tattoo Designs With Meaning - The Dashing Man
source: Pinterest

5. The anchor rope turning into a tree and flying birds

This is the prime aspect of life, discipline. The anchor tattoo design below says, no matter what if we stay strong and on right path then it will lead us to freedom and success. The tree without leaves here shows our problems. The flying birds denote freedom.

unique Anchor Tattoo Designs With Meaning - The Dashing Man
source: Pinterest

6. A massive anchor with rope on arm

The anchor tattoo design here is a very big anchor used in very big ships. Those ropes are very thick and can resist high pressure and winds. This picture says that big dreams like big ships require a high level strong mind and hard work. The anchor and ropes here are our strong will and hard work.

stylish Anchor Tattoo Designs With Meaning - The Dashing Man
source: Pinterest

7. An anchor with a date under

This is a small anchor tattoo design which you can get at any part of the body and also it can be covered easily in case you are in a sensitive place. The anchor is a symbol of sheer strength and courage. A small anchor says that a even a small strong mind set is enough to get you through your problems of life and progress.

stunning Anchor Tattoo Designs With Meaning - The Dashing Man
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8. An anchor with love and life connections

The rope of the anchor tattoo design here represents the words love and life. Love is an emotional need of every person in their life. But a strong relationship needs patience and understanding to build strength within. The design here shows that perspective. It shows how the love we receive from family and friends in life plays a great role in building our strength for the journey ahead.

amazing Anchor Tattoo Designs With Meaning - The Dashing Man
source: Pinterest

9. An anchor tattoo design with rope on ankle

So many tattoos you like, right. So here is another one for your wish list. This is a very small design so you can get it at parts of your choice. The anchor is completely black and the rope is grey. This anchor is a representation of how small things can change your life.

bold Anchor Tattoo Designs With Meaning - The Dashing Man

10. An anchor whose end is a compass

The handle of the anchor is our life. It is balanced by the compass and the anchor mouth. This anchor tattoo design symbolises that to achieve balance in life and to achieve success we need to keep focus on our aim (compass) and maintain a strong mind (anchor mouth).

cool Anchor Tattoo Designs With Meaning - The Dashing Man

11. An anchor with roses in background

Roses are very delicate and beautiful flowers. They symbolise glory and beauty. The anchor is objectification of strength and will power. An anchor with roses says that a strong mind like an anchor will achieve glory and pride throughout the journey.

chest Anchor Tattoo Designs With Meaning - The Dashing Man

12. An anchor with arrows and compass and steering

Like said, anchor is strength, compass is guidance and steering is hard work. The arrow represents a defence. We can’t assume what’s lying in our path. We just have to be prepared for the worst and hope for the best.

Anchor Tattoo Designs With Meaning for men - The Dashing Man

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