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Top 20+ Stylish Braid Hairstyles for Men

Braid hairstyles for men - The Dashing Man

Braid Hairstyles for men are a really cool way to express themselves and at the same time protect their hair. If you have comparatively long hair, you must be tying them in a ponytail for your daily look. Even though that is convenient to you, that does not mean that it is affecting your hair. Regularly styling your hair in the same position can damage your delicate strands greatly. This hair damage can lead to frequent hair loss, weaker strands, and many other hair problems.

Most of these different braid styles for men are protective braids, which means that they are not too tight in a way that may damage your strands. These different braid styles for men are to promote healthier and voluminous hair growth. Now, without wasting your precious time, let us dive into the world of Braid hairstyles for men!

Middle Partition Cornrows Braid hairstyles for men

This braid hairstyle for men is very protective for your hair as it prevents the frequent breakage that you may face due to hair damage. Cornrows are one of the safest braid hairstyles for men, and they even promote hair growth. If you have the problem of widening hairline, then you should consider this different braid hairstyle for men for yourself! The cornrows are suitable for all occasions ranging from informal to formal, so you can rock your new braid hairstyle wherever you like!

Going for braids? Then go with the cool design Cornrows!

The best thing about Cornrows apart from their protective nature is that they can be braided into an endless number of unique designs that you like and prefer! Take a look at the image below, you can see how the skin fading in both sides of the hair adds a bit of a personal touch to your look! You can choose to highlight a few strands of your hair so that they bounce and glow up and liven up your regular braid hairstyle for men!

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The design cornrows are more suitable for laidback, casual, and informal occasions. So go ahead and flaunt your charm at the upcoming party you were planning to go to!

Zig-zag Cornrows with a Bun

This is one of those different braid hairstyles for men when you have a big day ahead of you. The zig-zag pattern of the cornrows adds a great sense of style and charm to your regular look making you a style icon. Apart from that bun at the end of the cornrows is an excellent way to deal with the long day ahead of you. The high bun will keep away the sweat and keep you all calm and cool until the very end!

Straight row of Cornrows for you!

Straight cornrows are a real way to show respect to your heritage and at the same time style a unique hairstyle to complete your dashing look! This braid hairstyle for men is quite suitable for formal occasions and it works for your casual looks too. If you wish to personalize the look, even more, you can choose to add some colorful beads and complete your dashing look!

The bun at the end helps you to keep your hair away from your neck and go along with your day while remaining cool and away from sweat.

Cornrows braid hairstyle for men with thick hair!

If you have thick hair, then you must be knowing how hard it is to prevent hair damage. With problems like breakage and weaker strands among other problems. We have the best hairstyle to suit your requirement. Check out the image below and see how the thick strands are carefully braided. These braids protect your thick hair from damage and end with a small bun. This type of braid hairstyle for men is suitable for nearly any occasion but we would recommend going with casual occasions.

Topknot with Cornrows and a side fade look!

If you are looking for a showstopping, jaw-dropping braid hairstyle then you have found yourself a winner! Take a look at the edgy but smart cornrows with a side faded look and end it with a top knot. Top knots are a pretty bold move for your hairstyles, so remember that this hairstyle is only for casual and informal occasions. We do not want you to leave a bad impression on the first day of your job.

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To add even more edge to this already bold hairstyle, you can choose to highlight the tips of your hair. This will help you highlight your top knot even more!

Half-knot with sideway artistic braids

This hairstyle adds a gorgeous appearance to your regular look. You are bound to look like a young prince out in search of an adventure! The sideway braids can give you a break from your regular and rather dull ponytail that you are always insisting on styling. The loose braids act protective to your soft hair and can work as a damage reverser too.

Intricate cornrows with a bun

For the fans of some intricate designs, this is the winner for you! The delicately designed braids will take care of your hair. They are suitable for any occasion right from informal to formal. The short bun at the end is really great for people who are still growing out their hair. This braid hairstyle will help you support hair growth.

Heart-shaped intricate braids hairstyle for men

Even though this hairstyle might take a little time to get done, the end result will certainly be worth it! You can add a bit of magic by highlighting your hair in various colors. In the end, it will look like the colorful wings of a butterfly surrounding a heart! Without a doubt, this hairstyle falls in the informal occasions category.

Unique Crown braids for a majestic look

The crown braid hairstyle is strongly recommended for formal events, as it represents your majestic appearance in the room. Command the room full of people just with a unique crown braid hairstyle!

Artistically pleasing spider braid hairstyles for men

Spider braids are strongly recommended for people with long and thick hair, as the great volume will be useful to complete the braids with ease. Spider braids can be styled for a number of occasions both formal and informal. These braids add a pleasing touch to your regular hairstyles.

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