20+ Most Stunning Finger Tattoo Ideas For Men

Finger tattoos are some of the most unique tattoos that you can think of ink on your body. Many people have fallen into the charms of this special tattoo and we are sure that you will be one of them soon if you are not one by now! In this list, we bring you unique finger tattoo designs for men!

What to know before you ink a finger tattoo?

These tattoos can be quite painful to experience as there are many nerve endings present at the end of your hands and fingers. Although the pain is completely relative and the amount of pain experienced shall be less for some, this tattoo is loved by many people!

If you are someone who is inking their skin for the first time, we strongly advise you to think carefully before this tattoo considering the pain factor. Once you are used to the sting of the tattoo gun on your skin, you can go for the finger tattoo designs! If you have high pain tolerance and still want to ink out this design, then go for it!

Will inking a finger tattoo affect my job?

One more thing that you need to take into consideration is that finger tattoos are strongly objected when it comes to your employment area. Many organisations do not prefer employees having tattoos on their faces and hands. And this can hinder your professional life. So, ink this design only if you are certain that your work life would not be affected by it!

Do finger tattoos fade away?

These finger tattoos have high chances of their ink fading away for multiple reasons, although that is not a regular case, people see it happening. Since, we use our hands for a lot of work they are prone to regular washing, the ink tends to fade away. In many cases this does not happen at all and in some cases it does. It totally depends on how you take care of your tattoo and how quickly your skin regenerates.

You should be in contact with your tattoo artist regularly to check on the fading of your finger tattoo. Most of the times a simple reinking solves your problem easily!

Now, that you know everything about getting this tattoo, let us take a look at the best finger tattoo designs for men!

Line of trees finger tattoo for men!

Are you a nature lover? Do trees, plants, and other vegetation make you feel at home? Do you feel like a loving caress of mother Nature can cure everything? If yes, then why not go for the line of trees finger tattoo? The tiny detailing of the outline of the tress is a very calming sight and will help you stay connected to nature forever!

You can ask your tattoo artist to go for the light and dark green shades for the tress to make your tattoo lifelike!

finger tattoo for men - The Dashing Man
source: Pinterest

Infinity Finger tattoo for men!

Infinity tattoos are loved by many people and this love seems to go to infinity and beyond! The infinity tattoos represent a promise of being there forever, good luck, positivity, hope for a bright future, and happiness! This is a great tattoo if you wish to get it with your loved ones. You can ink it with your siblings, your best friend, or your significant other!

To match your tattoos, you can ink the tattoo in the exact same as your loved one. This will certainly add a personal touch to this already special tattoo design!

infinite finger tattoo for men - The Dashing Man
source: Pinterest

When quote and space finger tattoo meet!

Quotes tattoo has been popular among people for a long time. Quote tattoos are one of the most personal tattoos among all the other designs. The person that inks this design has a personal connection to the said quote. It can be anything, something said to you by your loved one, a song lyric, a movie dialogue, a book quote, or a philosophy that you live by! The choice for this design is endless!

While space tattoos are absolutely adored by space enthusiasts! The little plants, stars, sun, and moon will go along with the quote design perfectly! We suggest going for completely black ink for this design!

quote finger tattoo for men - The Dashing Man
source: Pinterest

Unique finger tattoo for men!

Why follow the crowd when you can be as unique as you are? Take a look at the unique finger tattoo below and go quickly get it inked on your finger!

modern finger tattoo for men - The Dashing Man
source: Pinterest

Geometric Arrow finger tattoo for men!

An arrow tattoo symbolizes a sharp aim, an inquisitive brain, a person who stays motivated, and a person who is not afraid to take bold steps to the right path! Whenever you look at your tattoo you shall be reminded to stay on your path no matter how things seem at the moment! The geometric design adds to the rugged appearance of the tattoo design!

finger tattoo for men - The Dashing Man
source: Pinterest

Medieval symbols as finger tattoos for men!

If you are trying for something antic, then going for the medieval symbols finger tattoo is the best choice! The medieval symbols will take you back in time whenever you take a glance at them and will help you imagine the great medieval times! The lion is the symbol of braveness, pride, regal nature, and leadership. While the sword is the ultimate symbol of protection, care, and strength. The rose is the symbol of passion, love, affection, and fertility. While the skull is the symbol of imminent death, darkness, and rebirth.

All of the above symbols, make this tattoo very significant to a person!

symbols finger tattoo for men - The Dashing Man
source: Pinterest

King and Queen finger tattoo for men!

Have you found the King or Queen of your heart? Well, why not ink a matching couple’s tattoo to showcase your endless love to the entire world? Inking the crowns on your ring finger is an excellent way of showing that your love will last forever and ever!

king queen finger tattoo for men - The Dashing Man
source: Pinterest

Significant three triangle finger tattoo for men!

The three triangles have a very significant meaning and you should definitely consider getting this design inked! The three triangles symbolize the Earth, heaven, and hell. It shows the three spheres that mankind ultimately lands in. While in Christianity, they show the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. This is one of the most meaningful tattoo designs on our list today!

stylish finger tattoo for men - The Dashing Man
source: Pinterest

Artistically pleasing hand and finger tattoo for men!

Do you search for a tattoo design that is appealing to both eyes and the soul? Well, your search is completed with this artistically pleasing hand and finger tattoo! The delicacy of the tattoo will certainly turn heads wherever you go!

finger tattoo for men - The Dashing Man
source: Pinterest

Holy Cross finger tattoo for men!

Keep the positive grace of the Almighty with you at all times with the Holy Cross tattoo! This is a great tattoo design to feel blessed and to stay connected to God at every moment of your life!

cross finger tattoo for men - The Dashing Man
source: Pinterest

Name finger tattoo for men!

Name tattoos have been a timeless tattoo choice among people. If you want to make a loved one feel special and want to show your love for them, you can go for the name tattoo design!

name finger tattoo for men - The Dashing Man
source: Pinterest

Two triangles tattoo for men!

The two triangles have been recently a very popular tattoo choice among people. They represent that one has to think about the future and always keep moving forward, and upwards to their goal. It is a great tattoo to keep yourself motivated to achieve your goals!

finger tattoo for men - The Dashing Man
source: Pinterest

Dagger through the skin finger tattoo for men!

A stabbing dagger is one of the ancient symbolism of someone’s betrayal to the person who treated them like their own. It is a great way to show you as a person has grown throughout the years. It shows how much you have experienced, and how much knowledge you have gained in the past few years! The dagger shows that no matter how many betrayals you faced, you are still stronger than ever!

sword finger tattoo for men - The Dashing Man
source: Pinterest

Dollar finger tattoo for men!

Many ambitious people love to ink the dollar tattoo design on their fingers! It is one of the most simple to ink yet meaningful tattoo designs. The dollar sign will remind you to always keep working towards your goals and serves as a great motivator! On the contrary, the dollar sign also shows that all happiness does not come from having money alone!

money finger tattoo for men - The Dashing Man
source: Pinterest

Wreath finger tattoo for men!

Wreaths are the traditional symbol of fertility, prosperity, happiness, regeneration, love, and the colors of life! In the ancient days, the wreath was considered to be an auspicious symbol and it is certainly worth inking!

finger tattoo men - The Dashing Man
source: Pinterest

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