How To Stop Bad Breath From Mouth – Simple and Effective Methods

A date night? An office meeting? A reunion? A family function? Guess what can be a silent killer to all these social gatherings- a bd breath. Yes! You may have worn the best dress, with a perfect hairstyle, matching shoes and perfect make-up. But you don’t notice the bad breath and bang on! This is what spoils your day! So how to stop bad breath from the mouth has been a leading headache anytime while going out.

If you are lucky enough, your mother will warn you about this before time. But you don’t get lucky all the time. Hence it becomes very necessary to know how to stop bad breath from the mouth. But before going into that we must know the reasons behind the bad breath.

Reasons for bad breath from mouth

Although it constitutes of various reasons as to why a person has bad breath, below we have mentioned the 5 basic and common reasons for bad breath.

  1. Food- the main source for bad breath is undoubtedly food. Foods like some spices, onion, fish etc are known to have a persisting smell. Even after washing the mouth properly the smell of these food items stays behind. Or else they might get stuck in between the teeth resulting in bacterial growth and in turn bad breath.
  2. Poor health hygiene- not brushing your teeth properly and regularly can also lead to bad breath. Poor dental care leads to plague in the mouth and it also causes the smell.
  3. Tobacco products- besides being dangerous to health and the leading cause of cancer, smoking and chewing tobacco also results in bad breath. In the process, they leave some chemicals in the mouth which gives a bad odour.
  4. Dry mouth- when your mouth turns dry, the saliva produced in your mouth help to moisten and cleanse it. And when the body is unable to produce a sufficient amount of saliva it gives a bad odour.
  5. Medication- medicines also result in bad breath. When people take too many medicines, it makes their mouth dry. And then dry mouth leads to bad breath.

How to stop bad breath from the mouth?

The most recommended methods for preventing bad breath from the mouth are:

  • Brushing the teeth properly. To stop bad breath from the mouth people tend to brush their teeth after every meal. But on a general note, one should brush teeth at least twice a day. Regular and proper brushing ensures that you don’t have bad breath.
  • Stop the intake of tobacco. Quit smoking and eating tobacco. They cause bad breath and are also injurious to health.
  • Don’t keep your mouth dry. Keep drinking water at regular intervals. It will ensure your mouth is getting moisture and not drying up. It will not lead to saliva moisturising and you will be free from bad breath.
  • Visit a dentist regularly. Go for regular checkups. See if there’s any chance of infection or oral disease.
  • Mouth wash also acts as a temporary way to get rid of bad breath. They help kill the bacteria causing bad breath and cover the bad breath with their refreshing odour.
  • Mint, fennel seeds and anise seeds can act as good home remedies to stop bad breath.
  • You can also try a homemade vinegar mouthwash. As vinegar contains acetic acid it doesn’t allow the bacteria to grow and hence keeps the mouth free from bad odour.
  • You can also use products like plastic-free copper tongue scraper.

When it becomes necessary to consult a doctor?

  • if your bad breath started after taking a particular medication
  • you have constant dry mouth
  • if you develop sores in the mouth

Remember bad breath can give a bad impression on someone. As you maintain yourself to look presentable in front of others, you must also take the necessary care to smell good in front of others. Bad breath can be an instant mood spoiler. To avoid that try the homemade and good oral hygiene methods on how to stop bad breath and look if they have good results for you.

Have a hygienic mouth and a refreshing breath!

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