20+ Unique Matching Tattoos for Couples

Millions of people use tattoos as a means to express themselves freely, they think of tattoos as a part of their souls. Once you ink your first tattoo, the endless love for getting even more inking begins! There are billions of designs when it comes to your inkings, matching tattoos for couples are one such pattern type!

Why should you and your partner get a matching tattoo?

Matching tattoos are one of the best ways to express your love for your significant other! Getting a matching tattoo is equivalent to showing the undying, faithful, and magical love that you both share! These tattoos are designed with wit to show that you both are incomplete without each other and that is an amazing feeling to express!

Now, that you know all about matching tattoos for couples, let us take a look at some of the most loving and meaningful tattoo ideas for you and your partner!

When the gamer met the bookworm!

Are you the gamer who fell heads over hills for a nerdy but cute bookworm? Then, why not honor your loving and unique relationship with this matching tattoo? You can be a little more creative and swap the elements too, this would mean that you carry a part of your partner with you wherever you go!

Most couples like to ink these types of tattoos in areas that are easily visible like your forearm, wrist, foot, or even the back of your hand! You can add a bit of color to brighten up your tattoo a little more!

matching tattoos for couples - gamer - The Dashing Man

Simplistic matching tattoos for couples!

Who says that couple tattoos have to be complicated to be special? Take a look at this simplistic tattoo design that you and your partner can ink out! If this is your first tattoo ever then, going for a simpler design is the best option for you both!

For these types of designs, it is best to ink out the tattoo in complete black ink, this will help you highlight the design even better! Most people ink out these designs in a place that requires a smaller canvas like your fingers, wrists, hands, ankles, the back of your neck, and the back of your ears! This helps in bringing out the beauty of the design much better!

Angel wings matching tattoos for couples!

Angel wings have been some of the most popular designs when it comes to couple tattoo designs and they continue to be so! These angel wings are the symbol of protection from evil spirits, guidance, nurturing, loving, and devotion. It means that the two of you are to protect each other from whatever danger lies in front of you both!

Matching tattoos for couples - The Dashing Man

The little butterfly effect!

Butterflies symbolize happiness, positivity, love, affection, cheerfulness, and charm. This makes it a great choice for a matching couple’s tattoo! Use the different bright colors to add life to your beautiful tattoo!

Matching tattoos for couples - The Dashing Man

Lion and lioness tattoo for the fierce couple!

Lion and lioness are said to be the king and queen of the jungle! They are known for their fierce nature, protective instincts, sharp minds, and their majestic nature. A couple like yourself deserves this fierce tattoo!

Matching tattoos for couples - The Dashing Man

Feel like the King and Queen of each other’s world!

Crown tattoos are really popular among people and you should consider getting one inked for yourself and your partner too! This tattoo is for someone who is nurturing, protective, loving, regal, elegant, bold, unique, and brave!

Matching tattoos for couples - King and Queen - The Dashing Man

Bright light to guide you back home!

Every person needs light to guide them back home. If your significant other is that light for you then, you should ink this design! The lighthouse guides the lost ships back to the shore. Similarly, your partner’s love will always guide you back home!

Matching tattoos for couples - The Dashing Man

Finger anchor tattoo to keep you grounded!

An anchor is used to keep a ship steady and in place till the ship is ready to move to its next destination. Similarly, if you both act as each other’s anchors and keep each other steady when bad times come, this design is made for you!

tattoos for couples - The Dashing Man

A little thunder to light up your world!

Thunder lighting tattoos are a great tattoo design for couples, it is simple, fun, and even creative! Thunder tattoos are suited for areas that provide smaller canvas like your foot, ankles, wrists, forearm, and fingers!

Add a bit of color to liven up your tattoo! Yellow, black, and their different shades are perfect for this tattoo!

Matching tattoos for couples - The Dashing Man

When both of your senses of humor match perfectly just like your tattoos!

Are you blessed with a significant other who shares the same sense of humor as yours? Then, why not ink a tattoo in honor of this special bond? The humorous tattoo design need not be big inside to make an impact. You can even ink out an inside joke that you both have to brighten up your day!

Matching tattoos for couples - The Dashing Man

The sun to your moon!

The celestial sun and moon are considered to be complete opposites of each other and if this is the case with the two of you, you should certainly consider getting this tattoo inked! The sun is the symbol of light, happiness, positivity, and confidence. While the moon is the symbol of inner reflection, spirituality, harmony, fertility, and charm! This makes this tattoo design a great choice for couples!

tattoos for couples - The Dashing Man

Bow and arrow matching tattoos for couples!

A bow and arrow are incomplete without each other and so are you and your significant other! The bow serves as a medium for the arrow and the arrow with the help of the bow can hit right in the bullseye! This means that if you two work together as a team, you both become unstoppable and a force to be reckoned with!

tattoos for couples - The Dashing Man

A powerful tattoo for a powerful couple!

A couple as powerful as yourself needs a tattoo that can match your vibes and that is where this powerful design comes into the picture! The arrow indicates that the two of you are super focused on your goals and dreams. This shows your high motivation and the desire to stay focused!

The lion and lioness part just adds to the fierceness of this already powerful tattoo design! It shows that you both are someone who is highly protective of your loved ones, live your life majestically like the king and queen of the jungle!

matching tattoos for couples - The Dashing Man

Modernistic and elegant matching tattoos for couples!

Modernistic tattoos deserve all the love and popularity around the world! These designs are a part of the geometric designs with just a little elegant touch to them! If you and your partner love a design that is not much detailed and at the same time looks elegant, this is your design!

The lock of my heart only opens with the keys of yours!

Were the walls of your heart built very high? Was your heart so hidden away that it only came out when your significant other came into your heart? This would mean that they have the key to your locked heart! So, why not ink a matching lock and key couple tattoo design to remember the old happy days?

You can go for the ancient lock and key designs to add a vintage and unique touch to your design!

Artistic matching tattoos for couples!

Do you think of yourself as an explorer, dreamer, and adventurer? Well, sometimes this dreamer’s mind needs a touch with reality and it is most likely that your significant other brought that touch into your life. Why not honor this one-of-a-kind bond with a boat and anchor matching tattoo?

The boat is considered the explorer’s symbol as a boat can travel seven seas and so much more. While the anchor is the symbol of the real person as they help you in staying connected to your roots along with your reality!

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