5 Morning habits to increase productivity 

Morning habits to increase productivity

The way you start your morning can completely shift the way you do your work through the whole day. We know how hard it can be to cultivate habits that last a long time. Furthermore, constantly motivating ourselves doesn’t work all the time, discipline is the most reliable practice Therefore, we recommend these morning habits you can use in order to increase your productivity.

1. Hydrate When You Wake Up

This can seem very menial and unimportant. However, hydrating yourself in the morning by drinking water is one of the best practices you can do. Your body is parched off of water throughout the whole night. So when you hydrate your body the moment you wake up, your organs and muscles will be rejuvenated with new energy every moment.

In fact, in Ayurveda and Japanese culture, drinking lukewarm water on an empty stomach is highly recommended. As it helps to clean out your body and energize your body. So, before you sleep, keep a bottle of water next to you and drink it the moment you wake up. Moreover, drink a lot of water throughout the whole day.

2. Meditate And Exercise

When you wake up, you feel lethargic and your body may feel heavy. It can be hard to get excited about the plans of your day. So, when you wake up, take 10 minutes to breathe, and meditate. And, even better if you can exercise with some light movement. This stretches your body immediately and makes you ready for the day.

Besides the physical benefits, exercising also helps in clearing up your head, it makes you alert and aware of your surroundings. In this digital age, it can be hard to get in tune with yourself and even harder to stay focused. There is a large number of media keeping our minds occupied at all times. Therefore, spending some time in to meditate and exercising can help you be attuned to yourself. It’s a definite practice of mindfulness. If you continue practicing this, you’ll be able to accomplish tasks at twice your usual speed!

3. Jot Down Your Thoughts

There is an influx of content available on the internet that keeps us hooked on it, so it can be hard to detach ourselves from it. Our mind is filled with an overflow of information, most of which is unnecessary and causes us to overthink. We recommend taking some time to write down your thoughts. The reason this exercise is so useful is that it takes out our overpopulated thoughts and transfers them onto paper where you can leave them behind. If you immediately check your emails before you can have a clear train of thought, it might befuddle your mind even more. This reduces your productivity.

So, when you wake up, take your pen and physically jot down your thoughts on real paper. Write 5 things that you are grateful for today, what you look forward to today, and what you hope to accomplish. Doing this exercise fills your mind with optimistic ideals, which is always a good way to begin your day. And, a clear-headed mind is always much more productive than an unclear one.

Morning habits to increase productivity

4. Don’t Multitask: Increase Productivity

We know that our apps and software have been updated in such a way, that it enables us to multitask. When we are in a time crunch, multitasking can be very useful. But it will detrimental in the long run if you make a habit of doing multiple tasks at once. Eventually, this will lead to you giving your half attention to each task at hand, it might seem “productive” but in reality, it only deteriorates the quality of your work.

Interestingly, when you complete one task at a time, your brain gets a positive signal, which gives you a sense of satisfaction. When you do multiple tasks at once and complete them, your brain may feel very tired and unsatisfied. So, make a habit of finishing one task at a time. You can accomplish this by starting your day by listing out all the things you need to do today and keep checking them throughout the day as you get them done. This will eventually create a positive productivity habit in your life.

5. Finish The Hardest Task First: Increase Productivity

Every set of work has the most difficult and the easiest, even if it the distinction may not seem that obvious. There is a big difference in satisfaction depending on which task you complete. You may not realize it, but when you leave the hardest task for the last. That particular task puts a looming pressure over you even while you think you are happy doing the easier tasks.

So, if you complete the hardest task first, the biggest pressure for the day is gone. In fact, in the morning, you have the most energy conserved so it’s best to utilize the most active time of your brain for the hardest task in order to expend less energy. Prioritize herculean tasks, and the rest will seem like nothing. We have recommended some really good habits for you, but you should know that these tasks will bring a true change in your life only if you set your mind to them. You must be a willing candidate. You must completely change your perspective when you start inculcating these habits in your life. So, practice mindfulness, and these habits will easily create a productive life for you!

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