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20 Badass Neck Tattoo Ideas For Men

Neck Tattoos

Neck tattoos for men have been one of the most popular types of tattoos. Although neck tattoos are considered to be a little bold as compared to the rest of the tattoos like forearm tattoos and back tattoos, they are still in demand among people!

One of the best things about neck tattoos is their bold appearance. If you have a neck tattoo you are going to be in the limelight of every single room you walk into! Neck tattoos are a really good choice for men because these give you an edgy, manly, and strong appeal. It enhances your sharp features and highlights them as no tattoo could do.

Neck Tattoos

One thing to be kept in mind before a neck tattoo for yourself is that it can be a little painful as compared to the rest of the tattoos. So, if this is the first time that you are inking your skin, you need to think twice. If you can handle the pain of the needle on your skin then sure go and get that cool tattoo today!

Neck tattoos are a little more prone to damage by sun exposure, so you need to be careful while going outside in the sun. Apply sunscreen without fail and you should be completely ready to rock your neck tattoo!

Now, that you know all that was to know about neck tattoos, let us show you some of the best neck tattoos for men we have on our list today!

Optical illusion Neck Tattoo

Optical illusion are one of the most unique tattoos that you can get for yourself. They are still an emerging design and this makes it one of the most unique designs among men. Take a look at the tattoo image below. See how the optical illusion jumbles up the shape of your neck. This is a great choice for people who have complex personalities, as many people feel that their tattoos define them.

Insect Tattoo

Symbolic tattoos have been a popular choice among men for a long time and the demand to get it inked still exists! A lot of times people go for insect tattoos as they represent different qualities and sometimes even the personality traits of a person. Insect tattoos go well with any type of attire you choose for the day and suit everyone. Sometimes insect tattoos represent curiosity, calmness, hope, inspiration, danger, adventure, groundedness. So, they make an excellent choice for neck tattoos for men!

Neck Tattoos For Men


Bird Neck Tattoos For Men

Do you always dream of flying away to far, unknown, and distant lands? If yes, then these radiating bird tattoos are made just for you! You can add different colors to your tattoo to make them more attractive! But it would be for the best if you add shading in dark ink like done in the image below! If you want you can go for a design in which the bird is sitting on a branch, or add little clouds to show that they are flying above in the bright sky!

Detailed Spider Neck Tattoo

Spider tattoos for men are also one of the best choices for you to choose from for your neck tattoos. They can be of different sizes and colors as per your desire. One of the most popular choices is a medium-sized spider in complete black ink with a shading effect to highlight the details!

Emblem Tattoo

The Artistically Pleasing Neck Tattoo

Short Meaningful Quote Tattoo

Black and White Butterfly Neck Tattoo!

Colorful Moth Tattoo Design

Neck Tattoos For Men


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Vein Tattoo Design For Neck

Delicate and Detailed Blooming Flower Neck Tattoo!

Religious and Symbolic Tattoo!

Tribal Tattoo to take you back to the ancient roots!

Moon Neck Tattoo with a Small Quote!

Skull Tattoo Designs For Neck

When the Angel Whispers in your ears and speaks to your soul!

We all need a little bit of Cupid’s love in our life!

Neck Tattoos For Men


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