20+ Trendy Neck Tattoos For Men

Neck is one of the most sensitive areas to get a tattoo. Although having tattoos in the neck were associated were criminal and gang, but today it is trending. Getting a tattoo on the neck shows that someone is daring and ready to take risks. These tattoos represent bold, strong, and masculine personalities. It is one of the most painful places to get a tattoo and can’t be easily covered by clothes, hence remains exposed almost every time. So the tattoo you get here will always be visible. If you are taking so much pain to get a tattoo then why not get a good one! And neck tattoos for men always look classy.

Below mentioned are some of the best neck tattoos for men. Try them out.

1. Flower neck tattoos for men

Getting a big flower tattoo shows that it is an inspiration and when a person gets it done on the neck, it shows that the man is not afraid to stand out. These inkings are a far cry from the rough and intimidating neck tattoos of the past. You can also try a more refined or minimalist design or a delicate and photo-realistic option.

neck tattoos for men
Tattoo Artist: Fallen Sparrow Tattoo
neck tattoos for men
Tattoo Artist: Cody Philpott

2. Eagle neck tattoos for men

Eagle tattoos are often associated with strength, masculinity, wisdom, and power. They re quite popular among the men these days. They are also considered as a patriotic tattoo for Americans. An eagle in flight suits a neck placement because its wings can follow the curve of the muscles in your neck, giving the inking a lifelike feel. Men with this tattoo look damn stylish.

neck tattoos for men
Tattoo Artist:
neck tattoos for men
Tattoo Artist: bennymactattoos
neck tattoos for men
Tattoo Artist: Arthur slagter

3. Spider neck tattoo

Getting inked at this place might hurt a bit, but when you see the results each bit of pain is worth it. Some of the the most common symbolic meaning of the spider’s mark are danger, balance, art, perseverance, despair, female power, and life to name a few. This looks damn cool when you get this inked in the front part of the neck.

neck tattoos for men
Tattoo Artist: Brighton Tattoo

4. Unique neck tattoos for men

A unique and badass tattoo design that will make a bold statement out there. They can be of any colour any theme any size. They carry the meaning that each tattoo has a different significance for every wearer. And if you have found yours get it done.

neck tattoos for men
Tattoo Artist: INKMINDCREW

5. Traditional neck tattoos for men

The curved lines, intricate designs and bold black ink of classic traditional designs suit curved placements like your neck. For the men who are in love with the tradition and wants to give their tattoo a new blend, this tattoo is just perfect for you. You can choose how big or small tattoo you want.

neck tattoos for men
Tattoo Artist: Dave

6. Pattern designs

A neck is a place in which any design will look just as good as anything else. Geometric spaces, Intricate designs and just black ink, everything stands out in this place. So as long as a design holds significance for you, neck can be the best place to get it done.

neck tattoos for men
Tattoo Artist: ONA GREENBERG

7. Rose neck tattoos for men

Having a classic rose tattoo on the neck, makes it one hell of a combination. Roses have been popular since the original sailor tattoos were made. They are known to represent both the beauty and the pain of life, which symbolises both love as well as death. Because they look good at any size, rose tattoos suit the neck placement. They suit those who want a cool tattoo that’s also poetic and traditional.

Neck Tattoo For Men
Tattoo Artist: emma.tatt

8. Light bulb neck tattoos for men

A unique design. This tattoo is often associated with the idea of enlightenment, brightness, and creative thinking. A light bulb tattoo usually represents human thinking and often pays homage to the inventors of the bulb and even to science. These are among the coolest tattoo designs that you will find.

Neck Tattoo For Men
Tattoo Artist: El Popsy Tattoos

9. Cross neck tattoos for men

The neck being one of the most popular places for religious tattoos, also includes the classic cross. This bold and clear, tattoo shows everyone that your faith is an essential thing in your life. While having a limited space, and opting for a simple black ink cross without too many extra details can ensure that your tattoo will truly stand out.

Neck Tattoo For Men
Tattoo Artist: Rocky Dsouza

10. Ganesh neck tattoos for men

Ganesh is the most worshipped God in Hindu religion. Ganesh tattoo represents spirituality, religion and godliness. Moreover it also signifies wisdom, understanding, and a discriminating intellect that one must possess to attain perfection in life. The wide mouth represents the natural human desire to enjoy life in the world. The men who truly believe in spirituality must try this.

Neck Tattoo For Men
Tattoo Artist: KRIZZ TATTOOZ

11. Back neck tattoo

One of the most popular tattoo placements for men is the back of the neck. It provides a larger surface area to get inked, hence you can draw any design you want there. Also it is easier to cover it with a collared shirt or even your hair. However, if you have a shoulder or back inking, one fresh option is to connect it to a back neck tattoo or getting whole of your back tattooed.

Neck Tattoo For Men
Tattoo Artist: Andres Torres

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