Top 9 Possible Reasons Why Your Wife Hates You

Did you two have a fight lately that lasted much longer than usual? Has your wife been mad at you lately? Has she been rude to you for apparently less likely reasons or no reason at all? Do you sometimes struggle in your mind with thoughts like what if she hates you? Did you check the signs of hatred?

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Because you are searching for reasons and answers to these questions, it is pretty sure that you love your wife a lot. Well we all are humans, We knowingly or unknowingly commit mistakes. The mistake can be a very negligible one or a blunder. We sometimes don’t even notice that our actions are inappropriate and some one might be hurt due to it.

Practically women are quite unpredictable. They will forgive your crimes but will get mad at you for forgetting chocolates for her. And men mostly have no idea about what they did. But getting mad and hating someone are very different things. If you are pretty sure that your wife has started hating you and all the signs of her hatred are visible to you now, then here are some possible reasons why she hates you.

  • She is suddenly burdened with lot of household work

Responsibilities on a women increases hundred folds after marriage. She has to leave her home, come to a whole new house with all new faces, their expectations and many thing more. She is stressed out with all these. Also she now has to cope with the new family members. She is afraid about things that might happen if she fails. If she is a working women then along with these she has responsibility of office too which may have burdened her. She doesn’t have time enough for herself.

  • You don’t help her in chores

She does all the work of home and office alone. You didn’t help her out when she needed a helping hand. Her schedule has become hectic and she is over burdened with loads of work. You could have done small things like laundry or cleaning the sink or just anything but you didn’t.

  • You may have neglected her

Due to your office work you may have neglected her efforts. You didn’t spend quality time with her. You didn’t notice or appreciate her small efforts to make you happy. You forgot something important she asked you to bring for her several times. When she was sad you didn’t notice or didn’t try to cheer her. You didn’t show her any affection. She felt all alone in a new place where her only support is you.

  • She is depressed

May be not because of you but due of other reasons she is depressed. Depressed people tend to hate every one. May be she silently craved for your attention and you didn’t provide her enough. She may have wanted you to just sit with her and talk to her about how her day went or if anything is bothering her but you due to some reason didn’t. She may be depressed because she is not able to cope with new environment of marriage.

  • She thinks you don’t love her anymore

Misunderstandings are very big reasons for hatred. You of course love her, but due to some misunderstandings she thinks you don’t and she is upset due to it. May be she thinks you have found love outside or you just don’t love her. She doesn’t sees you showing your love towards her openly.

  • You lacked in fulfilling your promises

When marrying she must have had some expectations from you. You must have promised her things either in rituals or in personal, but later you some how lacked in fulfilling them. She feels that she can never be happy with you. Her hopes are fading away.

  • You don’t spend time with her

As a wife she wants you to give her priority. She wants you to spend time with her. But you are not able to provide her time and attention. You may have forgot occasions and days very special to her. You came late or didn’t come to an event she asked you to come. Instead of helping you did things that worsened her work.

  • You took her for granted at some point

At a point you just thought that whatever she is doing for you is just her duty, she has to do them any how. You just didn’t appreciate her work. You didn’t thank her for what she did for you. You got mad at her for messing up anything while she was just trying to help you.

  • She has fallen out of love

This is a fact that every feelings good or bad fades away slowly without you noticing. You just one day realize that you don’t have it anymore. Same is true with love. She may have lost her feelings and interest in you.

There can be many reasons of hatred. There can be many reasons to leave each other. But there is only one reason to be together and that is love. Love or hatred nothing is permanent. These feelings will surely fade away with time.

May be she doesn’t hate you, it’s just that she can’t express herself anymore. There is solution to every problem. Have faith in yourself and on your love. If she loves you she will definitely see your efforts and put her efforts too.

But you need to first understand what lacked from your side. You need to accept your mistakes and have courage enough to work on them. If you had no mistake from your side then also your efforts are needed to make her understand the truth. Talk to her and make her understand that you love her truly and she just needs to love you back.

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