Top 8 Signs That Your Wife Hates You

Ever had a fight with your wife? You must have had at least once. Things became normal with time, either you, she or both understood and helped each other overcome it owing to the fact that you still love each other. But now you are watching some changes in her behaviour. You feel that something is missing in your relationship. It is not as it was before. She has changed. So does she hates you or it’s just your overthinking. How do you know? Anything is possible.

Problems and fights are there in every relationship. You both need to support each other and help grow each other to overcome all the obstacles. A singular effort is never enough. If you are feeling that efforts from your wife is missing lately and probably she has got hatred in her mind for you, here are some signs to confirm your doubts.

  • She is staying away from you for long time unusually

Earlier you two use to spend a lot of time together. She used to give you the priority before anything else. You two used to be a happy couple. Now the things are a little different. She stays with her friends or in office for longer. She doesn’t inform you if she is going to be late. She is spending less time than before with you.

  • She doesn’t share with you about anything happening in her life

She is keeping her feelings and emotions (happy or sad) away from you. Earlier you knew everything about her, even when she didn’t say it. You had ideas about her whereabouts. She used to share with you every details at end of the day like if she is annoyed by office work or anything she saw outside or what happened at home when you were out. Now she doesn’t share anything with you even if you ask her.

  • She is arguing on topics she never did and stays mad for long.

Every married couple has fights and problems in between them. That doesn’t mean you hate each other. But if after a fight you don’t make up things between you then there is some probability of hatred. Earlier she used to forgive and forget even your big mistakes like forgetting anniversary but now she gets mad at even small things like leaving the toilet seat up. She complains about things she never did before. She always comes home with a not so happy face. People who love you can’t stay mad at you for more than 2 days according to a research. If she is staying mad at you for longer than this then, probably yes, she might hate you.

  • She has become less caring than before.

Every wife somehow knows everything about her husband and his belongings. They complain what they feel is wrong and take care of things you can’t. They know where your important file is, where is your blue socks or that you will definitely forget to eat lunch in the office so she gives a reminder call or message. But now even though she knows everything, she doesn’t bother to help you with anything. If she doesn’t seem to be bothered by anything you are doing even if it is wrong, then definitely she has got something in her mind.

  • She doesn’t sleep with you

Physical intimacy is a love language between you and your partner. It is a sign that you love each other. It ‘s ok not having it every day or for a few days. She has her choice to deny if she is not feeling right. But denying it for longer period might be a sign that either she is mad at you or she has lost interest.

  • She criticizes you heavily

It is as if she has nothing to say good about you. She continually complains about your activities (past or present) and relates her unhappiness with you. She credits all her problems to you. She compares you with others and their life. Her words are not mere criticism but humiliating. She speaks rude things which she knows will definitely hurt you deep.

  • Sudden change of emotions on your arrival

She seems to be normal when left alone but her expression turn into an annoyed one just by looking at you. Your presence seems to spoil her mood. She asks you to leave her alone all the time.

  • Her behaviour is same with others but not with you

In a group event or gathering you see her being cheerful and being herself with her friends or relatives but as soon as she sees you all her happiness is gone. She seems to ignore your presence in group. Her way of talking is fine with others but not you.

Everyone deserves and craves for love. Love has no boundary. You have right to all the love you deserve. Talk to her, put your efforts into solving things. Help her to resolve hatred in her mind.

These signs will help you clarify your doubts. If confirmed try to understand her. talk to her and solve the problems. Never hurry to end it. Every thing will be fine soon, have this faith. If not confirmed and she still loves you then celebrate and make sure to keep your relationship happy every way so that you don’t have to look for such signs.

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Top 8 Signs That Your Wife Hates You - The Dashing Man

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