15+ Most Stylish Yet Simple Hairstyle For Men

Meeting, dating or just a casual party, formal or informal, looking good never fails you anywhere. Having a sleek look according to the situation is always a cherry on top. It makes your appearance strong and people get attentive to your words making your speech powerful. Getting that wow look includes styling everything from top to bottom which includes attire, accessories, shoes and hair. While the former three can be achieved at the moment of getting ready, hair style is a little more attention seeker. To get that hair that will help you ace all the happening events, you need some ideas about simple hairstyle for men.

As they say, simplicity is the best attire. Simple styles are trending everywhere. Talking about hair , simple hair styles for men has been popular always. All you need to do is pick a style that matches the shape of your face and your clothing way, then get that hair by trimming the needed way or you may ask your barber to give you a suitable one. The only problem is choosing the one hair style you want to get. Here is a short list of a few trendy and simple hair styles for men. Choose among them and thank me later.    

1.     Side part + Fade out

This is a perfect blend of classy and trendy look. The middle hair of more length are parted side wise which looks soft and clean. Just near the partition the hair is made clear cut fade gradually. This simple hair style for men gives you a sharp and bold look good for interviews, meetings and daily life. So consider this one while getting a haircut. Click your pictures with your best angle and the hair will give it’s best shot.

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2. Gelled Quiff

The quiff hair has never really been out of trend ever since early 50s. This is a highly professional and stylish look. A suit with this hair is too good to be expressed in words. It even looks stylish with every attire making it one of the most wanted hairstyle nearly over a century. 

3. Medium length parted hair

This simple hair style for men even though looks a little unusual from professional view, can be your best look if you can carry the flowy locks along with confidence. This is a nice look to go with desi (Indian) wears and is a nice festive look worth trying. 

4. Crew cut

This is a very professional and office friendly simple hair style for men. The hair in the middle are parted sideways and smaller part hair fades gradually. This hair is the one you don’t need to put much effort in and still look good.

5.Messy quiff

This is the one you can call a man in suit hair style. Quiff hair, a little messy but clean look is an ideal look for office and casuals. This is amazing for formal and informal both occasion. Style it up with your best smile and you are ready. 

6. Small length side part hair

This is an ideal simple hairstyle for men who do not get their hair trimmed into various styles. It can be easily done at home and gives an overall professional look. The little locks peeking out is a decoration on this making it a gorgeous one. 

7. Classic comb over with side fade

This simple hairstyle for men can be done by combing over hair using gel or hair spray. It keeps the hair in position for long, hence is the best choice for long working days and long travels. This hair matches every kind of clothing and all most all face shapes. The side fading hair is also combed giving a clean look. 

8. Messy small hair

Once of the stylish and simple hairstyle for men is the easiest of all and can be created using normal combs at home only. The hair looks a little messy and shiny perfect for casual clothing and sport events. This is an effortless look which can be gained with any hair cut.

9. Comb over

The days when you feel like you need a very professional hair that can survive for long and keep your looks at it’s best is the day you should choose this one. The hair looks perfectly settled and classy. The wide forehead seen with this hair makes your appearance strong and masculine. This hair matched with short trimmed beard is at another level of  good looks.

10. Puffed up side parted hair

This gorgeous hair style needs a little effort to be created. But once done will give you a charming look. The puffed up appearance of hair makes your face look smaller and fore head a little wide making your face look small and slim, good for clicking pictures.

11. Gelled quiff with side fade hair

This simple men’s hair style consists of quiff and the hair on the sides are faded gradually. This is a sporty and professional hair look, easy to style and long staying hair. This is a good choice for daily office life and casual events.

12. Messy flowing parted hair

When you want to look too good and you don’t have enough time, this is the one you can choose. It will help on the busy days. The messy hair has an eye pleasing effect and looks good on any face shape. This simple hair style for men will make you look strong and charming which is good to go for dates and even board meetings. 

13. Quiff + crew cut

The quiff keeps your hair perfectly settled and aligned with fore head and the short crew cut hair gives a nice office look. This is best for party like events whether official or casual, with friends or family. 

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