15+ Stunning Tattoos For Men With Meaning

Tattoos are not something that got into human culture just now it has been there since decades. Now a days it has gone into a trend to get tattoos covered on body parts. Most of the youngsters are getting into the trend. However the problem lies in the first step itself, finding a tattoo for men with meaning that conveys a message. . Also presence of so many designs provides additional difficulty to choose a tattoo for men with meaning.

It is a really daunting task to find a tattoo that matches to your ideas and reflects your thoughts and personality. Many people get tattoos of their favourite celebrity or tattoos related to them, while some are searching for tattoos related to their life and has some message in it which speaks their mind and heart.

Getting something tattooed permanently into your skin is a massive decision. That’s why it’s really important to choose wisely something that makes sense and will stay with you forever. Also the recent bans of tattooed people from government and some private jobs have made it a really difficult choice to get one tattoo.

A tattoo can be anything, from as big as the picture of your favourite person to a very small one like the first letter of your name. Many people get small tattoos which they can cover in public or in interviews where tattoos can be a significant problem.

Here are some tattoos that you can consider while having thoughts and doubts regarding tattoos for men with meaning-

  1. Semicolon Tattoo

Semicolon Tattoo - The Dashing Man

Semicolon in a sentence or a code represents that the sentence or the code isn’t complete yet, there is still to go. Similarly a semicolon tattoo represents that life hasn’t stopped yet, there was a break but things will continue. This is a great choice for people who want a simple yet meaningful and easy tattoo.

  1. Unclosed Delta Tattoo For Men

Unclosed Delta tattoo- Tattoo for men with meaning - The Dashing Man

This is a tattoo for people who think and act accordingly with proper planning and          strategy. An unclosed delta represents an individual open to changes in life, and accepts them with whole heart and mind while the strategy symbol represents the fact that the person never acts without proper plans.

  1. Inguz Greek symbol Tattoo

Inguz tattoo - tattoos for men with meaning - The Dashing Man
Source: Pinterest

The tattoo simply means where there is a will, there is a way. This tattoo symbolizes that the person focuses completely on the given task and somehow finds a solution to every problem he faces. Focus on the journey of life is the main message in the tattoo. Green themed tattoo is one of most popular tattoo for men with meaning now a days.

  1. Alchemy Tattoo For Men

Alchemy Tattoo For Men - The Dashing Man

This tattoo is the best example of small tattoo for men with meaning and message. These are the tattoos which depicts alchemist symbols such as copper and gold. While copper represents love, balance, feminine beauty and creativity, gold represents knowledge, work and time necessary to complete a goal. There are many alchemy symbols with hidden beautiful meanings among which you can choose.

  1. Malin Tattoo

Malin Tattoo For Men - The Dashing Man
source: Pinterest

We all have ups and downs in our life. Life can never be in equilibrium and we have to accept our success and failure as a part of progressing life. The symbol Malin represents the exact meaning.

  1. Anchor Tattoo

anchor wrist tattoos for men - The Dashing Man
Credit: Ink Brush Tattoos

Anchors are used in ships to provide them stability enough not to sail away with tides. Anchors are rigid and provide support. The tattoo also has similar meaning. This tattoo symbolizes strength, stability and support. It symbolizes something or someone who holds you together   from falling apart, no matter what time shows.

  1. Glyph Tattoo

Glyph tattoo - Tattoos for men with meaning - The Dashing Man

This beautiful symbolic tattoo reminds you to never stop exploring throughout the journey of life.

  1. The Zen Circle

source: Pinterest

The universe what nurtures us. The energy of a living being is provided by the universe we live in. This tattoo represents this universe, the acknowledgement of the energy it provides us with and enlightenment.

  1. Viking compass tattoo


 viking compass tattoo for men - The Dashing Man
source: Pinterest

A compass provides the knowledge of the direction in which we have to travel. The tattoo of viking compass is the tattoo of hope and faith in yourself so that you don’t lose the path of life. Protection and guidance is the hidden message in this tattoo for men with deep meaning.

  1. Thief from the Hobbit

source: Pinterest

The Bilbo’s door has this symbol etched so that the dwarves could easily find his house.

  1. Open moon

open moon tattoo for men with meaning - The Dashing Man
source: Pinterest

Open moon or partially eclipsed moon represents life cycles.

  1. The moon cycle

moon phase tattoo for men - The Dashing Man
source: Pinterest

There is a very famous line we all have heard from parents and grand-parents which says life is a circle, everything you through at it will bounce back to you. The tattoo represents the same. It  represents the cycle of nature and karma, which means that everything you do will one day give fruits accordingly.

  1. Lotus

Lotus is a flower which blossoms in stagnant and muddy water where no other flower even grows and is considered very auspicious and beautiful. The tattoo signifies that we have to keep improving and blooming to rise above the mud of life to get enlightened.

  1. Deer

Deer Tattoo for men with meaning - The Dashing Man

Deer being intelligent animals their symbol means kindness and gentleness of a mother. In short the symbol signifies motherhood. Deer tattoo is one of the unique tattoos for men with meaning in the current times.

  1. Om

Neck Tattoos For Men

Om is the mantra of life. This is also the sound created by our universe according to scientists. It represents life. The vibrations created while chanting “om” is considered sacred. The tattoo represents the creation and motion of the universe. Chanting om has calming and soothing effects too. Hence this is a great tattoo for those who are looking for tattoos for men with deep meaning.

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