Top 6 Things To Do If Your Wife Hates You

We are humans. We all got some feelings in us. They are not under our control. But one thing about them is that with time feelings can change with or without our efforts. It is the law of nature. We all are prone to changes in body and mind. Feelings too change accordingly but with our efforts they can change in a good direction.

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It happens, people tend to grow apart from lack of communication and other reasons. Whatever the reason may be hatred can never stay in someone’s heart or mind for too long. If you are looking for ways to make your wife be in love with you all over again and forget all her hatred for you, then by now you must have learned about things that made her hate you. You must have realized where you went wrong.  Now all you need to do is focus and work on things that will enhance her relationship with you. Put all your love, faith and effort to bring her back.

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Here are some tips you can use as help in this time.

  • Talk to her

Communication is the key. It is the most important aspect in a relationship. Talk to her whenever possible. Talk about her importance in your life and how much you love her. Talk with love and sweetness. Be genuine to her. Tell her why you Couldn’t Show her your love. Ask her about her office and friends. Try to mix your and her friend circle. Talk to her about your problems, this will make her feel that you are giving her importance in your opinions and choices. Listen to her carefully and assure her that you will act accordingly.

  • Spend time with her

Take her out some times. Go on vacations together where you will forget all the memories of home and create good memories together. Go on romantic dates. Make her feel special and that she is being loved. Women love it when someone treats them special. Go to places of her choice, it will calm her mind and give you give chance to fill it with love. Go to places you have never been before and avoid places she doesn’t like.

  • Work on your mistakes

Yes, you have some committed some mistakes. But now you have chance to reverse them all. Teach your mind to respect her and get respected back. Don’t be afraid to show your love and affection publicly. Make her comfortable with you. Keep her mind away from any possible negativities. Buy her flowers or bring her favourite chocolate. Try to remember days that are special to her. Wish her good morning, when she wakes up. Tell her that she is beautiful. Make her smile.

  • Help her in work, share responsibilities

She might be burdened by all the work she has. Sometimes help her with her work without asking. Ask her if she needs any assistance in her office work. Make a breakfast for her or help her arranging a self. Bring a glass of water or a cup of coffee for her when she is working late night.  Tell her that you want her to have a little rest after work and you will help her if needed.

Top 6 Things To Do If Your Wife Hates You - The Dashing Man

By this you two will have time to spend together and she will see your efforts. If she had a hectic week, take her out on weekends to a park or any calm and quiet place. Maybe you can plan for a movie at home on holidays or a dinner together. Eating together is the best way to make her understand that you want to be with her.

  • Spend a little time alone to analyse what more you can do

While putting all your energy in gaining her trust and love back, have some time alone for yourself to gain back that energy to start all over again. In that free time analyse what you did and what her reactions were. Try to understand what makes her happy, sad or angry. See what more you can do to help her and your relationship out of this.

  • Appreciate her work

While working on anything with her, weather it is household work or office work see what she is particularly good at and appreciate her for it. She may have been appreciated before for her work but a little from your side will surely make her happy. Ask her to tell you how she manages to do everything perfectly, if she ever faced any difficulties. Relate her life to you. Talk to her about things that are mainly focused on her life with you.

  • Results will be a little late. Control your anger and don’t lose your patience.

You for a first few days won’t see any results, it is obvious. But you have to hold your patience and keep working on your relationship. She won’t directly tell you or show you that she wants to be with you or that she loves you, but her actions will say. You will see the difference in her behaviour.

Bringing back your happiness and achieving what you want has always been a difficult task. Don’t lose faith in your love. Continuous efforts and patience are the key to a happy married life.

Once you gain her trust and love back make sure you never to lose them again. Chances won’t be available again. Celebrate your life with her. Learn to give importance and love and be ready to receive them back.

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Top 6 Things To Do If Your Wife Hates You - The Dashing Man

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