This Ultimate Beard Grooming Kit for Men by Bombay Shaving Company

Ever since the existence of human on earth beard has been the symbol of masculinity and strength among men. Beard also makes a man look more attractive, trustworthy and generous. A scientific study reveals that women find bearded men more suitable as a partner, as they appear strong and confident. Men have always groomed their beard to get that look they are looking for. Beard styling has always been a top priority in men. With the modernization of fashion and styles there has been appearance of many styles for beard including different cuts, colours and more.

There has been many different tools available for grooming and getting a perfect beard that matches your face and clothing. But you always need to choose between thousands of products to get everything you need for your beard. That’s a lot of time wasting and money too. It would  have been so easy if there was a single product containing all the essential things you need.

Bombay Shaving Company 6-in-1 Beard Grooming Kit for Men

Bombay Shaving Company is a self growing India based brand of grooming products for both men and women. They considered the problem of people searching their needs one by one and still not getting all they want. Regarding the solution they created a kit of their men grooming products all in one to make their customers save time and money by getting it all at once at an effective price. Let’s have a look at what’s inside for the better understanding of the product in this ultimate beard grooming kit box

Best Beard Grooming Kit For Men - Bombay Shaving Company

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What’s in the Box

This beard grooming kit contains 6 grooming products from Bombay shaving company. All the products have individually been rated as the best and effective purchase by the customers. This all in one box is a perfect gift for occasions like father’s day or brother’s day or just any friend. Shower them with your love on their special occasion with this perfect grooming gift box with a set of beard grooming kit.

  1. Face and beard wash

It is infused with the goodness of wheat protein and vitamin E. Wheat protein is able to get deep layers into the strands of beard hair due to it’s lightweight. Our hair is made up of protein, thus it helps in the repairing of damaged hair follicles by providing it with additional proteins. Wheat protein absorbs moisture and helps giving beard a volume and shiny texture. Vitamin E is known as the beauty vitamin due to it’s moisturizing and nourishing effects on both hair and skin. So the face wash in all, cleanses as well as moisturizes skin and hair.

2. Beard oil

This oil is infused with four essential oils which make your hair grow faster and thicker to give it a shiny and soft appearance. This oil has tints of Cedar wood oil which helps fight weakening and damaging of hair from root to the tip. The Argan oil is good for preventing frizz, itchiness, dandruff and any further possible damage. It has abundance of Macadamia oil which helps retain moisture and adds strength to hair. Apply the oil regularly after face wash for better and visible results.

3. Beard softener

It has a perfect proportion of olive and keratin. The beard softening cream has a smell like scented wood due to presence of herbal ingredients. It is beneficial for both skin and hair. Our hair is made up of keratin protein and thus the cream helps gain strength, shine and smoothness. The olive moisturizes and brings out healthy hair and skin. Take the required amount of cream in your palm and apply it on your hair and face in circular motion and continue till it is absorbed completely. Remember to massage gently.

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4. A pair of trimming scissors

Like normal hair, beard hair also is prone to split ends and damaged hair ends. Trim them with the scissors provided. Trimming is also required to remove excess growth which might ruin your look. The scissors are provided with sharpened stainless steel edges which makes trimming easy.  This scissor due to sharp edges is able to cut very small and thin excessive hairs without damaging the hair in shape, which makes your shaping beard an easy and effective task. Trim your beard on regular basis and before any important occasion to get the desired look.

5. Beard comb

Beard comb is helpful when you want to style your hair or trim it. Comb your hair thoroughly with comb and trim the excessive ends with the scissors provided. The combs have thick teeth which will help remove frizz from hair and resolve tangled hair. It will also help remove dandruff and bigger dust particles stuck in hair. Combing also helps keep hair damage free and strong. The comb is infused with benefits of essential oil that strengthens roots.

6. Beard brush

The beard brush provided in the kit has very fine bristles which when used will remove all the microscopic particles stuck in hair. It will also help you find very small hair growth that you need to trim accordingly. The fine bristles will also soften and detangle the beard hair from root to tip. Brushes generally have hard bristles that weakens the beard roots. This comb is uniquely designed to have very soft and smooth bristles that won’t harm beard in any way. This brush is particularly good in grooming beard by strands to give you a sleek and ever lasting look.

Bombay Shaving Co 6-in-1 Beard Grooming Kit for Men | Face and Beard wash, Beard Growth Oil, Beard Softener, Beard Beard, Brush Comb and Scissors | Gift for men - The Dashing Man

Keeping the ongoing scenarios of contaminations in mind all the products come in a clean and hygienic individual pouches in the box. The box provides enough space to keep all the products safely. The box shape is also easy to be gift wrapped to gift it to your loved ones. This ultimate beard and face care box can give you better results when used regularly.

Face is the ultimate first impression in a new circle. Always keep it well groomed according to the situation. Beard is the most noticeable part of face of men. A beard with good appearance is an ultimate impression. Keeping it well maintained is a must. Being gentle on your skin and hair is the only requirement. This product is your skin care partner and will definitely help you gain all the looks you want. So go ahead to purchase.

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