Top 15 Stylish Titan Watches For Men With Fashion Tips

They say looks aren’t everything but, looks do define a lot of things about our personality. It takes less than 10 seconds to make an impression on anyone and we all know the first impression lasts long. Hence always be in your best looks that the situation perfectly.

Fashion and style are two very different things, fashion fades away but style is eternal. Nowadays casual and cool looks for men are trending all over the world, you know, as they say, simplicity is the best look. Style includes everything, from clothes to perfumes, shoes, and even small accessories. Lack of accessories makes you look dull and not so appreciative. So accessories are a must with the attire.

Why should you go for watches?

One of the best accessories for men is a watch. Watches can alter your whole look. If worn the right one with the proper color combination becomes a cherry on top and you become the center of attention. Whether in an office meeting or just a casual get-together with friends, having proper looks helps you look impressive and of strong personality making your words leave a mark on everyone’s mind.

A watch is not just an accessory, it is also helpful to keep a track of your time usage so that you can keep an idea about things to do within time. Hence a watch is an absolute necessity. But the advent of so many watch companies and their price hikes have led to confusion about which one to choose and from where. As giving solution to this problem here is a list of 15 stylish watches for men from a well-known and trustworthy watch company “Titan” which are available on Amazon and quite pocket friendly as they cost just less than 10,000 rupees.

Titan company is famous for its futuristic quartz technology, along with globally recognized styling. It also makes sure to make quality watches that range for every person. Titan watches for men are really an awesome collection and it is a must to consider them while shopping for watches.

  1. Titan Neo iv Analog Black dial

titan watches for men - 1 - Titan Neo Black.jpg  

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This stylish Titan watch for men has a bold brown leather band along with perfect 1.06 inches in diameter dial making it a dynamic looking classy fine piece. It has a multi-function dial with rose gold indices and which shows a 24-hour clock and keeps a track of the day and the date. With a price below INR 6000, this is a watch worth wearing.

  1. Titan Light Leathers analog white dial

This is one of the coolest classic collections of Titan watches for men. With a white dial covered by stainless steel and a green leather belt, this is a perfect watch for men looking for something that is trendy and goes with every outfit.


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  1. Titan chronograph men’s watch

This multi-functioning Titan watch for men of the whole metal body is a fashionable chronographic one with silver straps and is perfect wear for parties and meetings. The color inside the dial is blue and has three clock hands for easy time reading.

Titan Chronograph Men's Watch (Silver Colored Strap) - The Dashing Man  

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  1. Titan analog blue dial men’s watch

This is both active and casual wear ideal for ceremony looks and gifts and it comes with a warranty of 2 years. This wrist adorning piece from Titan will enhance will your overall look as it features a nice combination of gray nylon band and blue dial.

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  1. Titan Neo analog blue dial

Titan Neo Analog Blue Dial Men's Watch-NM1733KL03 / NL1733KL03/NP1733KL03

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This is yet another bold and gorgeous watch from Titan which is water resistant up to 50 meters of depth and has 2 year of warranty. Along with a black mineral dial and stainless steel straps, this is a truly beautiful piece.

  1. Titan edge analog grey dial

Titan Edge Analog Grey Dial Men's Watch-NM1595WL09 / NL1595WL09

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The black leather strapped and grey dial color quartz movement stylish watch from Titan is a true masterpiece that comes with a warranty period of 2 years and is water resistant up to 30-meter depth.

  1. Titan edge analog black dial

Titan Edge Analog Black Dial Men's Watch-NN1595NL03

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This Titan watch for men is similar in features to the above one but has an impressive black dial making it an overall damn hot piece.

  1. Titan all-black analog dial

Titan All Black Analog Black Dial Men's Watch NQ1733NM01

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Black never gets out of fashion. This black beauty is a charming one with black body straps and a dial color perfect for a lavish look.

  1. Titan classic analog white dial: Titan Watches

Titan Classique Analog White Dial Men's Watch-NN90102BM01

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It is an all-white watch from Titan watches for men which comes with water resistance of 50 meters of depth and 2 years of warranty.

  1. Titan analog off-white dial: Titan Watches

Titan Analog OffWhite Dial Men's Watch NM1712YM02 / NL1712YM02

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This off-white colored dial with a golden band perfect for any occasion is a bold and beautiful piece from Titans watches for men. It comes with a warranty period of 2 years and is equipped with 3 ATM water-resistant depths. It also contains three hands and slanted markings of 1-minute time intervals and also keeps a track of day and date.

  1. Titan Karishma Analog champagne dial: Titan Watches

Titan Karishma Analog Champagne Dial Men's Watch-NL1580YL05/NP1580YL05

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This watch is versatile to match everyone’s needs whether you are a working person or a college-going student or a teenager. The color of the dial is champagne with a round shape and the color of the band is brown, thus it’s a dynamic combination of both colors blended perfectly to give a sleek look.

  1. Titan analog champagne dial stainless steel: Titan Watches

Titan Analog Champagne Dial Stainless Steel Strap Men's Watch - 1650YM06

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This watch differs from the above one having a golden stainless steel band. It also has a champagne-colored round dial. This is a good choice for power dressing as a part of meetings, dates, or functions. Use it to outstand all others in your competition.

  1. Karishma analog silver dial men’s watch

Titan Karishma Analog Silver Dial Men's Watch-NL1774BM01/NP1774BM01

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It has a silver dial with a golden band making it stylish. And a perfect one for retro themes and modern days. It is water resistant and comes with a warranty of 2 years.

  1. Titan karishma analog black dial

Titan Karishma Analog Black Dial Men's Watch-NL1636SM01

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Black is a color that goes with every outfit and gives a stunning and lavish look. This black dial silver band is good too. With every attire comes and comes with 24 months of warranty.

  1. Titan Octane analog silver dial: Titan Watches

Titan Octane Analog Silver Dial Men's Watch-NL1650BM03/NP1650BM03

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This is yet another piece of art from Titan watches for men with 24 months of warranty. And 30-meter depth water resistance. It has a silver dial and multi-color band to suit every clothing color and mood.

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