6 Types Of Man Shoes You Must Own For A Classy Look

Experts say shoes talk about your personality a lot. According to psychological facts, the first thing people notice about you is your shoes. You will find many types of man shoes on the internet as to why you should put some effort into your footwear as well. But don’t you think shoes just complete the look you want to have?

You may be wearing an expensive suit, with a Rolex watch, hair perfectly set but wearing decade-old shoes, naah this is not done. Shoes also have great importance as to decide how you look. They are like the full stop to your outfit. Hence it becomes quite important to put some effort and think about what shoes you are going to wear.

While it won’t be possible to own all types of man shoes, but we have got the best 6 types of man shoes you should own that can give a classy look for any occasion.

6 Types Of Man Shoes You Must Own

  1. Dress boots

6 Types Of Man Shoes You Must Own For A Classy Look - The Dashing Man - 1

While boots are always taken as a formal outfit or for trekking in the mountains, in the present scenario the usage of boots has definitely changed. These dress boots just make up for your outfit. They are a must-have due to the cross-purpose benefits that they provide.

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  1. Penny Loafers

Types Of Man Shoes - Penny Loafers - The Dashing Man - 2

A passed-on footwear from your grandfather and father, these American culture shoes is a must present in your footwear wardrobe. Being stylish, comfortable, and devilishly handsome, these penny loafers are the most versatile shoe in your collection. These are lace-less shoes and good to go with any outfit.

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  1. Monk Straps

Monk Straps - Types Of Man Shoes You Must Own For A Classy Look - The Dashing Man - 3

A shoe with no lacing and one or more buckles to make sure your feet are secure, these shoes are more modern and in trend right now. Considered to be an intermediate formal shoe and one of the most versatile dress shoes, which pairs well with casual, business casual, and less formal business attire such as blazers, tweeds, and suits.

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  1. Brogue

Brogue - 6 Types Of Man Shoes You Must Own For A Classy Look - The Dashing Man - 4

A low-heeled shoe consisting of multiple-piece, sturdy leather uppers with decorative perforations and serration, you should not definitely miss on this. Now being counted as an integral part of one’s show wardrobe, they can be considered to be worn regularly. It would look best with slim-fit, straight-leg jeans, and skinny-fit jeans.

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  1. Chelsea Boots

chelsea boots for men - 6 Types Of Man Shoes You Must Own For A Classy Look - The Dashing Man - 5

Dating back to the Victorian era, when both men and women wore these shoes. This ankle-high, close-fitting boot with an elastic side panel, provides you both with style and class. They have maintained their popularity over time just because of their versatility and androgyny. How can you even miss on such footwear!

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  1. Cap-Toe Oxfords

Cap-Toe Oxfords - 6 Types Of Man Shoes You Must Own For A Classy Look - The Dashing Man - 6

An excellent example of a modern take on a classic look is how this pair can be described. Quite popular among the elegant men, who wear it with their suits across the globe, this price of art has an extra piece of leather which is why it’s been named as such.

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These are the most basic and versatile shoes which every man should own. To carry your elegance with you wherever you go, keep in mind shoes make your image in the other person’s mind. So what are you waiting for start your collection from today.

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