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20+ Cool Undercut Hairstyles for Men

Undercut hairstyle for men - The Dashing Man

Men tend to pay extra attention to their hairstyle. Their sole focus remains on their hairstyle, this is because according to them it is their hairstyle that completely decides their looks. And while talking about hairstyles, the undercut hairstyles for men are one of the hairstyles on-trend. In the undercut hairstyle, there are many variations like undercut fade hairstyle etc. Below given are some of the best undercut hairstyles for men. Scroll down and choose yours.

1. Short undercut

If you are rocking the look with sides shaved, then short hair on the top will look as cool as any other hairstyle. This undercut hairstyle for men will give you the fade undercut style with a subtle look. As such, a short undercut is often best paired with a full style, such as a pompadour, or a forward-swept look.

2. Undercut with side-swept

This hairstyle gives a modern look to you. If you love experimenting, this is the hairstyle that you should try. It is a unique style which give you a neat look and best, if it is done with short hair. You can use a matte hair product to add some interesting texture to this look. Have faith, you will look deadly.

3. Short overall

The fade undercut hairstyle looks extra cool with this short overalls. Here the texture of your hair doesn’t matter at all, that is its plus point. So anyone can have this. You can interpret it many ways. Does not require much maintenance and easy to carry.

4. Fade undercut with mark line

The fade undercut hairstyles are one of the most sought after hairstyles among men. Adding to this conventional style is the separation line. This makes the hairstyle look different and stylish. You can have any kind of mark line as you wish.

5. Slick back undercut

An undercut can work with all hair types, but it looks particularly sleek with straight locks. So, if you are having straight hair, then you must consider having it cut into an undercut and slicking your hair back with pomade or gel. This will not only appear sharp and dapper, but the undercut will also add interest to your look without the need for any texture. As a bonus, it’ll also make your morning routine seriously simple.

6. Forward swept undercut

While harnessing a forward-swept undercut you must ensure to have longer proportions up top, so the parting of the hair works well with the shorter sides of your haircut. The key to pulling off the forward-swept undercut is to make sure that you’re parting your hair the right way, which differs for everyone. So, ensure that you’re choosing the best parting for your face. This is typically determined by which way your hair naturally falls.

7. One side part

For having a simultaneous sophisticated and edgy appearance, you should consider rocking a one side part undercut. Combining the sharp contrast of an undercut with the smart style of a one-side part, this haircut is perfect for modern gents. For a daring take on the look, you can also opt for a disconnected undercut. Or, if you prefer a more subtle appearance, stick to a classic undercut with a little bit of length on the sides.

8. Wavy undercut

If your hair is naturally kinky, then a wavy undercut style can make an excellent option. Not only will this style show off your natural waves on top but it will also work to tame them. By shaving the sides and back of your hair for the undercut, all your natural volume and texture will be concentrated on top, creating a neat and smart appearance. You can either full your waves completely back or let them fall in the front as well. Both look equally good.

9. Short blowout

One of the great things about an undercut is that it leaves you free to style the hair on top of your head however you want. A short blowout, is one excellent style to try with the cut. In this when your hair is naturally short you don’t have to put extra efforts to make them straight, they will appear to be standing on their own.

10. Man bun

This undercut hairstyle for men is an indisputably trendy take on the fashionable undercut, consider partnering it with a man bun. Far from just a look for hipsters, the man bun is now a mainstream hairstyle that every man can rock. By partnering it with an undercut, can ensure you overall style with sleek and enviable. Want more? Consider adding a beard to complement your bun and cut.

11. Disconnected undercut

The disconnected undercut relies on a stark contrast between your hair up top and the shaved sides. This creates a bold and striking appearance that is ideal for fashion-forward gents. So, if you’re after a daring new look and aren’t afraid of turning a few heads, then this is the cut to try.

12. Hard part

Gents with an edgy attitude will love the combination of an undercut with the hard part. This may just look like another side-parted undercut, but it is much bolder up close. Featuring a shaved part, this undercut style is modern and statement-making. All you need to do is adjust the thickness of your part and the length of your undercut to suit how strong you want the look to appear.

13. Crown hairstyle

This undercut pairs with short hairs on the top which gives a crown finished look in the end. This will look especially cool if you have rough curly hair, but can be done in any texture of hair. Try this simple hairstyle trick to look younger than you are!

14. Layered undercut

A layered undercut is what you’ll want when looking for a simple subtle look. This version of the cut is perfect for those who want to add fullness and depth to their hair from a visual perspective. By adding layers, you’ll visually amplify your locks, working to make the hair look voluminous. You should also determine to what degree you wish to layer your hair. To do so, you should start by asking your barber to cut shorter segments off your hair, and then proceed to take off longer portions if you like the way it suits your face.

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