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We all have some dreams, and some goals to achieve in our lifetime. Life is too short to go on the wrong paths in the wrong directions. To go on the right way we need constant guidance and support. Let us consider our life as a ship. The size of the ship does not matter, but the strength and stability do. This ship works on three things, one steering, two compasses, and three anchors. The steering works after consulting the other two. A miss-coordination between any two can lead to wrong and destructive ways. The anchor provides strength while the compass provides the necessary guidance and direction.

A compass is the heart of any ship similar to support and guidance in our life. To show this aspect of life we can get tattooed with compass tattoo designs. Due to the trend and culture of tattoos, there have been various designs prevailing on the internet. To make it a little easy for you this article has covered some of the best compass tattoo designs. Have a look.

A compass and anchor balancing each other: compass tattoo design

As discussed earlier a ship needs both compass and an anchor to function properly. One without another is as worth less as having none of them. This is what is shown in the below compass tattoo design. It shows how they mutually work to bring balance to a ship.

A compass is connected to the anchor and steering: compass tattoo design

Earlier we learned how steering, compass, and anchor are the heart, brain, and soul of a ship. They should not be separated from each other for the healthy functioning of the ship. In this compass tattoo design, they are all connected to each other showing their importance as a unit and individually.

A big compass on whose shoulder lies the ship and an anchor below

This picture shows how the responsibility of the ship is carried by the compass. It navigates the path of the ship. It provides guidance to the ship during heavy storms and scary nights. Without it, a ship will never reach its destination. Even though the size of a compass is small, it still can help ships bigger than the Titanic.

A 3-D compass attached to an anchor on a map

The map here is a symbol of success, our destination, the destination of the ship. The attachment between the compass and the anchor defines how these two elements can lead us to the destination we want and how without even any one of them we can lose the way.

A big compass showing direction with a small anchor hanging from it.

The compass is our guide. It provides us with a way to travel to success. Below hanging anchor is proof of the strength of navigation in terms of mindset. Both are essential components. The anchor may be physically bigger but the compass is bigger in its work.

The compass shows all possible directions around

A compass can show all the directions around every corner.  Compass has been shown to possess tremendous power in pirate movies. Those aren’t fictions always. If not magical then directional powers are situated in a compass.

A compass with an arrow showing direction and a colorful aura

The compass tattoo design here has brought life to the compass. The compass has an aura that is colorful signifying its ability to navigate and bring the light of success to someone’s life.

A compass and anchor turned into one body

Looking properly we can see a heart sign in the compass signifying the fact that it is the heart of the ship. The compass has eight hands showing eight known directions to us. The anchor passes through the compass which shows that it is a friend of it. They work together for the sake of the ship.

A compass and a clock half in half

A compass and a clock have similarities in having hands in both. While the clock keeps the count of time, the compass helps us find a way in the time. They are not separate from each other.

The compass tattoo on Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is a very famous pop star and a fashion icon. His fans always look for his tattoo designs to get tattooed. His compass tattoo design has been a very popular one for years. This is a small design but has great significance. The tattoo is believed to get you proper directions in your life.

A designer compass

A compass is generally circular with possible designs outside. The compass tattoo design here shows a beautifully decorated compass with symmetric border lines and arrow marks.

A 3-D compass on the world map

The compass is asking you to choose your destination and it will take you where ever you want. The compass never judges if the destination is big or small. It just helps you find all your dreams.

A tiny compass with eight hands

A compass whenever comes into action brings only good. A compass in your hand whether a tattoo or a real one will bring luck and glory to you.

Compass tattoo design with a world circle

The image inside the compass is a map. The map is our path and destination. The compass will help you get through all.

Compass tattoo design with symmetrically designed hands

Compass is a friend for life. It should be decorated. Decorated or not it still is your friend. Decoration just brings beauty to it.

compass with scratched borders.

Compass are like old people. They see everything happening around them. Just like an old friend they never fail you if you listen to them. The scratched border signifies that the compass is like gold, its value never goes away.

A half compass with a half clock with an arrow in between

Both the clock and the compass have circular outlines and hands for their work. They are both crucial for us. Time teaches patience and the compass gives to right directions to keep that patience. They together bring meaning to our hard work.

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