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15+ Unique Warrior Tattoo Designs for the Brave hearts!

Warrior Tattoo Designs With Meaning - The Dashing Man

Warrior tattoo designs have been a really popular tattoo design among tattoo lovers recently! This is because it is a very meaningful tattoo design that touches the hearts and souls of many people! There can be different meanings for this tattoo design to different people but simply put the warrior represents protection, security, safety, and comfort. If you are a source of comfort for your loved ones then, this tattoo is made just for you!

Many fathers, husbands, brothers, and friends love to go with this design as they provide security and a sense of peace to their loved ones! It is a really personal and touching tattoo design that you can not miss!

If all of this has convinced you to take a glance at this special design, then, check out the 15 warrior tattoo designs for the brave hearts that we have picked for you today! Let us begin!

Arm warrior tattoo design for you!

Arms are an excellent place to get the warrior designs done as they provide with a wide canvas to portray the design magnificently! Take a look at the image below, the intricate blades of the warrior’s armor are truly a sight! The geometric patterns of the design in the background help in completing the design perfectly!

It is best that you go for the completely black ink along with shades of grey and white to give a shadow effect to your design and make it even more special!

Warrior Tattoo Design


Back warrior tattoo design for you!

Tattoos inspired by nordic mythology and related to Vikings have been a really popular trend among tattoo lovers all around the world! In the image below, you shall find a dangerous and deadly druid standing along with a staff with skulls of creatures. This is a symbol of destruction, beauty in pain, death, betrayal, and danger. The wide surface of your back is an excellent place to ink this large design because of the wide canvas it provides!

The wrath of Odin tattoo design to ink!

Odin’s wrath is a very peculiar tattoo design to show your true potential. An angry God is as good as a destruction machine that spares no one in his sight. Similarly, you are someone who has great earth buried deep inside of them and this earth is only unleashed when someone threatens you and your loved ones. This is a great tattoo to display that you are simply not a person to mess with!

Warrior Tattoo Design


Spartan warrior ready to charge into the battle!

A meaningful broken sword tattoo design to ink!

The brave heart of a warrior is just like a lion!

Lions are said to be the kings of the jungle and they rule with pride and confidence! The warrior and the lion tattoo symbolize bravery, valor, pride, majestic nature, and love for family! You are someone who will take the reins of your life in your hands and rule with pride and glory! People with the Leo zodiac also go with this tattoo design many times. We totally recommend you ink this regal tattoo design!

Realistic warrior arm sleeve tattoo design for you!

The sharpness of an eagle is a must for a warrior!

Discipline is the super strength of a fighter!

Simple warrior quote tattoo with a semicolon!

Semicolon tattoo designs have been a popular choice for a lot of years and this is because of the deep meaning behind inking them. The semicolon symbolizes a break, an incomplete chapter of your life, and your mental state. People who have faced various mental health conditions like depression and anxiety ink the semicolon to show that their story has not ended. It is merely a pause and they will resume this journey and come out as winners!

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Ink the warrior design along with the semicolon to show that you are a warrior who will not be defeated by any hurdles!

Fiercely charge into battles with this next tattoo!

Traditional Japanese warrior design for a tattoo!

Inner calmness to cross infinite barriers!

Inner calmness and patience are some of the qualities which make a warrior a winner in whichever battle they fight! With the help of a little patience and persistence, one can even break the restraints of time and appear a conquer! This is a great tattoo design for you if you are aiming for an impossible dream and are on the path of extremely hard work!

A warrior with angel wings designed for tattoos!

Even the devil was an angel once before he fell from heaven! The tattoo design below follows a similar ideology! It shows a warrior having an angel’s pure white wings along with him. Now, this design can be taken as having two distinct meanings. One is a protector of people who is just like an angel to them! If you consider yourself to be a brave protector of your loved ones then, you truly deserve this tattoo design!

And on the other hand, this design can be taken as a guiding angel who is always with you and who guides you to be a great person who takes immense pride in protecting the weak! Either way, this is a deep and meaningful tattoo that you should not miss out on!

Motivational tattoo design for you to try!

And for the last design for the day, we bring you a really motivating tattoo design to ink! If you are looking for an extremely motivating tattoo design that inspires you to be better and fulfill your dreams then, take a look at the image below! This tattoo shows the word fight inked right below the warrior design! It means that you were born to fight and conquer what was made just for you! Some of us do not get things handed right from the beginning. But that does not mean that we can not fight to take what we deserve! This tattoo is the symbol of just that!

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We totally recommend a fighter like you to get this tattoo design ink! The ideal places would be your arm, legs, wrists, and chest for this tattoo design!

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