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20+ Modern Wrist Tattoos For Men

20+ Modern Wrist Tattoos For Men

From ancient times, the inner wrist is believed to exude spiritual energy. This makes the wrist very commonplace to get a tattoo. But as veins here are very near to the skin, there is a constant fear of the needles piercing them, but an experienced and reputed tattoo artist can get it done right. But as there is not many nerves ending in this part, so you don’t have to worry about experiencing much pain. This place is also easy to show or hide, as per your wish. Hence you can have any desired design here. Men who are looking to have a smaller tattoo are open with a lot of options, and men looking for a more complex design, potentially as the start of a sleeve – will also be well served with wrist tattoos for men. These wrist tattoos for men are in many trends now.

So below we provide you some of the best designs of wrist tattoos for men, which you can choose to have.

1. Simple wrist tattoo

A small and simple wrist tattoo means you have to endure the pain for a lesser period of time. This kind of small wrist tattoos for men can carry any deep meaning for them. Remember your tattoo doesn’t have to be huge and loud to make an impact.

2. Number as a wrist tattoo

Many men prefer having some number engraved to commemorate a particular day or year or some event that occurred. This kind of tattoo is extremely personal and it carries the meaning which the wearer can only understand. It can be a birthday, an anniversary, a year or just any number which has a lot of significance in one’s life.

Date wrist tattoos for men - The Dashing Man


3. Name as a wrist tattoo

Having someone’s name inked on your wrist exceptional thing. This will let the person know how special they are to you. As wrist is a very narrow area, it is just the perfect place to get someone’s name inked there.

wrist tattoos for men - The Dashing Man


4. Cute wrist tattoos

Cute tattoos look the best when they are done in smaller space areas like wrist. They are cute and small. Many people choose to have these cute tattoos matching with their partners. For a couple tattoo you can choose an infinite symbol, or a wire to show the strong connection of your relationship forever.

wrist tattoos for men - The Dashing Man


5. Memory tattoos

These are the kinds of tattoos you make in the memory of someone. Men prefer having tattoos done in the memory of their partner, child, or pet. These are extremely personal and special. And the meaning and depth of the tattoo can only be understood by the wearer.

6. Wrist bracelet tattoo

A wrist bracelet tattoo, also known as a cuff tattoo or band tattoo, is for the masculine take. Many men prefer a more intricate, tribal-style inking that can be blended into a tattoo sleeve or a hand tattoo. They are like a bracelet to look at. They detailed design of the tattoos is what makes them so special.

7. Bird wrist tattoo

Birds are one of the most popular tattoo designs for men because they represent freedom. Some also choose them to pay a tribute to a loved one who has passed away. That’s because birds travel between the land and the sky – between Earth and Heaven. For Christian men, the dove of peace remains an enduringly popular wrist tattoo choice because of its spiritual meaning. Meanwhile, American guys may choose the eagle as a subtle patriotic inking.

8. Couple tattoo

These are quite popular among the young couples. They get it done in matching pairs. These tattoo represent the visible affection between them. Hence men prefer doing it.

9. Music on the wrist

This tattoo design is especially for those men who have music in their blood, whoa go insane for music. It shows how much a person loves music. Getting a music symbol done on your wrist shows your dedication and passion for music.

10. Love wrist tattoo

To represent a long-distance relationship. Men those who live far away from their loved ones choose this as a way to express their love and let their partner know how much they mean. An what can be a better position than the wrist to show it? You can also get it done as a matching tattoo.

11. Anchor wrist tattoo

Another classic motif of traditional tattooing, the anchor represents safety and homecoming. It becomes an ideal tattoo if you have just returned from a long trip or living in another country. Many men also choose the anchor as a tribute to their partner. As a simple and striking tattoo choice, an anchor looks excellent with a wrist placement.

12. Rose wrist tattoo

Rose tattoos signify love and affection. These classic tattoo designs date back to the early sailor tattoo designs. The men in those times used to get it done, to remind themselves of the love who is waiting for them back at home. A rose wrist tattoo will suit a man who loves the traditional tattoo art style and wants an inking with a subtle meaning.

13. Line tattoo

Many men choose the wrist for their most meaningful inking because getting a tattoo in this area requires some sacrifice. Plus, wrist tattoos are always visible to the wearer, so they need to represent people, ideas, or sayings that are very close to a person’s heart. There is a multitude of options for meaningful wrist tattoos. Some men prefer letting the lines do the talking.

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