20+ Stylish Crown Tattoo Ideas For Men

Crown tattoos are a powerful symbolism for the powerful that you should be. As it is associated with power, glory, triumph and strength, it is a very good idea for a tattoo. Anyone who wants the idea of being a king or a powerful ruler of their own life will be drawn to crown tattoos.

There are many varieties in which a crown tattoo can be designed, you can choose for bold lines, simple art, bright colored tattoos, or monochrome colors for a crown tattoo.

Let us look and read about some of these crown tattoo ideas.

1. Simple Crown Tattoo

If you are new to the idea of tattooing or you want to start with a subtle tattoo. Then, we recommend getting these tiny crown tattoos, which give a subtle idea of a crown without it being too in your face.

The best part about this is that, it can go anywhere on your body because it is so conspicuously inconspicuous, that it looks attractive wherever placed.

Below, the tattoo is a mix of a crown and the infinity sign. Both of which combine to give a subtle message of being King Forever. The best part of this type of crown tattoo is that, it’s just simple, yet it conveys a message.

Simple Crown Tattoo - The Dashing Man

This is also another inconspicuous crown tattoo but with bolder lines. It’s a fun tattoo to get if you want something little and exciting.

Simple Crown Tattoo - The Dashing Man

Wrist crown tattoos have a special place in our hearts. Because, it’s a powerful crown placed in one of our weakest body points, which provides a beautiful contrast.

Especially, this one is beautiful because of the tattoo shadows added to the bold lines, giving it a beautiful three dimensional touch.

Simple hand Crown Tattoo - The Dashing Man

2. Royal Crown Tattoo

We know that all crowns are royal, but nowadays, it has become a symbol that means much more than just a piece of jewelry.

However, we can still play around with the original design of the British Royal Crowns and edit them to make unique, mesmerizing crown tattoos.

For example, this particular tattoo implements the sword into the entire aesthetic. Moreover, the minute detailing found on this tattoo is simply exquisite. And it has also a touch the night sky with the stars and the moon symbolized. All in all, this is an artful masterpiece perfect for your forearm.

royal Crown Tattoo - The Dashing Man

When we talk about crowns, an image of the classic red fabric and white cloud comes to mind. So, why not go full classic with this deep red crown embedded over your heart? King of Hearts, much?

royal stylish Crown Tattoo - The Dashing Man

Live like a King, a beautiful line that needs to go on your hand. Have fun with the art, by adding masculine pieces like a full strong beard which is a sign of masculinity.

royal quote Crown Tattoo - The Dashing Man

3. Lion Crown Tattoo

A lion is the king of the jungle. They are powerful animals that maul and eat their enemies and preys respectively. Therefore, why not combine the two biggest symbols for power and make a beautiful tattoo.

Furthermore, the placement of a big lion crown tattoo on your biceps makes your hand look strong and powerful.

lion Crown Tattoo - The Dashing Man

The flowing mane of a lion paired with the sturdy crown makes for great imagery.

lion Crown Tattoo - The Dashing Man

4. Personalized Crown Tattoo

Here’s what you can add to your crown tattoo, to make it more territorial to you.

Try a crown symbol with your initials, that encircles your hand making it look like an honorary badge.  The bold shadows on this tattoo are a solid touch.

personalized name Crown Tattoo - The Dashing Man

Add a number that is special to you, this can mean your age, your birthday and other important dates. A number added to your crown tattoo, adds a nice detail to your overall tattoo.

personalized number Crown Tattoo - The Dashing Man

Or, you can opt for a tattoo that has your written below the crown, above the crown, around the crown or along it. The choices are endless, it is a beautiful exclamation of your status!

wife name Crown Tattoo - The Dashing Man

4. Colorful Tattoo

Create a colorful background for your tattoo to give it more depth and pizazz. Who doesn’t love a little pop of color?

Beautiful pen scratch style ink tattoo with watercolor-like backdrop.

colorful Crown Tattoo - The Dashing Man

This one touches all our hearts. Dedicate a crown tattoo to the Queen of your life, your mom.

colorful Crown Tattoo - The Dashing Man

5. Large Crown Tattoo

Do you want to make a statement with your crown tattoo? Then, this tattoo is the perfect option for you. Place it across your back or your chest, whichever you prefer!

And, look at the exquisite detailing in this! This one goes on the mantlepiece of our favorite tattoos, no pun intended.

large on neck Crown Tattoo - The Dashing Man

6. King And Queen Tattoo

Every needs his queen, so why not have use your tattoos to show the commitment you have towards each other! You can choose the various styles, shades and colors that you want it in.

For example, in this option, the man has both the tattoos of the King and the Queen crown, it’s a symbolic representation of how he always keeps his queen next to him. Isn’t that romantic?

king and queen Crown Tattoo - The Dashing Man

People have matching rings or matching necklaces but you can be the couple that has matching tattoos? The best part about it is that you can never lose it, so there will never be an argument about losing it.

Besides that, you can have fun with the art style, if you prefer the classic tattoo style, with the pen-like stroke and fluid lines, then go for it!

king and queen Crown Tattoo - The Dashing Man

Add a little extra to your matching tattoos by using different colors, here we have just shown black and red but you can choose any combo you want. Moreover, the font in this tattoo art copies the Queen and King cards we find in standard card decks. Isn’t that beautiful to look at?

king and queen Crown Tattoo - The Dashing Man


We have suggested primarily six subcategories of crown tattoo designs. However, you are free to experiment with them, or even between them. We hope this has helped you in your journey of choosing the best crown tattoo to adorn your skin.

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