Top 6 Hacks To Avoid Looking Sweaty In Photos

Imagine this, you’re out with your friends and you decide to take a group photo. Everyone looks stunning but sweaty and greasy, this can put a damper on what might otherwise be an aesthetic photo. No one likes it when their photo comes out looking greasy and messy. Since these photos will last a lifetime, we want to capture our memories in a positive light. However, we should know that sweating is a natural phenomenon and there is no shame in it but there are ways you can minimize it. Here are some hacks to avoid looking sweaty in photos.

1. Switch To A Matte Sunscreen

We know sunscreens are a must when we go out for the day but most sunscreens leave your face looking oily and greasy. In such cases, most people opt to not use sunscreen but there are detrimental effects to your skin when you don’t use a sunscreen. The UV rays from the sun dry out your skin, increase wrinkles when you grow old, and in worst case scenario, it may cause skin cancer. Therefore, it is essential that you use a sunscreen for your face and entire body. Luckily, there are many forms of sunscreen available for you to use, so you can choose the perfect sunscreen to accommodate you needs.

Consequently, matte sunscreens are a really good alternative to the basic sunscreen which might give a greasy finish. In contrast, a matte sunscreen makes your skin look fresh and dry, instead of making it look oily. You will not feel heavy after applying it and instead, you feel light and breezy which will decrease the chances of sweating.

2. Use Oil-Control Face Wash

During the summer months, we tend to secrete more oil which can make our face very oily. There are many ways to combat this issue, one of the the very first step is to switch to a face wash that controls the excess oil/sebum secretion in your face.

Therefore, we recommend switching to an oil-control facewash to remove all the excess oil and give your face a fresh look. This will make your face look bright and fresh in photos. The benefits of a good face wash is that since it’s the first step and most important step in any skin care routine, it essentially creates the base for your skin. So, if you have a skin that is balanced, it will generate a moderate amount of secretion as well.

3. Wear Breezy Clothes

We perspire a lot during summer, some more than others. And while we can’t necessarily stop the entire process, we can minimize and aid the issue by wearing clothes that are breezy and adsorbent like cotton. These fits will allow for a lot of air flow thereby decreasing the sweat. So, remember to wear clothes that are fashionable while still maintaining its breathability for days when you know your photos will be taken.

In fact, it need not be just cotton, any heavy clothing can make your body sweat more so wear shirts or pants that are light and not layered.


4. Adopt a CTM Skincare

CTM stands for cleansing, toning and moisturizing. We have already recommended switching to an oil-control face wash, and if you don’t already have a routine, we recommend having it.

We know that cleansers cleanse our skin of impurities, but adding a toner to the mix has a lot of benefits. A toner will tighten your pores after cleansing, which reduces the chances of impurities getting into your skin. Moreover, a good moisturizer will give your skin the needed nourishment in order to keep it rejuvenated and healthy.

This will ultimately result in a skin that is not sweaty, greasy or dirty. Additionally, if you are able to maintain this routine for a long time, you will have a shiny, glowing skin that will look picture-perfect!

5. Use Powder or Compact

One of the easiest methods on how to reduce a sweaty look is to use a powder or carry a compact with you. Applying it onto your face after the makeup or the sunscreen immediately makes it matte, non-greasy and dry. Moreover, the best part is that you can use it again and again to touch up. We know that most men don’t use compacts, but in order to create a really dry finish, we recommend employing a set of powders for when needed.

6. Use a Face Wipe

When you find yourself sweating in the middle of the day, keep a bag of face wipes handy to use whenever. They fix your problems in a matter of seconds and make you look fresh and not greasy. Whether it’s removing impurities, or wiping off the sweat, a face wipe is a very useful product to have. People forget to wipe their faces when the sweating is minor, but in photos, even a little bit of sweat is apparent and can ruin your photos. So, we suggest wiping off sweat using a disposable face wipe instead of the same handkerchief again and again and make your face look fresh longer for the day.


We hope you found our tips useful in order to stop looking sweaty in photos. When you employ a regular skin routine attuned to fixing your skin problems, you will find that your face is more bright and glowing. Use the appropriate products like matte-sunscreen, oil-free cleanser, and face wipes to create a picture perfect face for any photo taken of you!

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