25+ Most Professional Hairstyles For Men

In a professional environment, the way you style yourself speaks louder than words. A man who is well-groomed is recognized as serious about his work. So, whether it’s in a boardroom making presentations, billion-dollar deals or an important first interview, looking polished is of utmost important. Here, we recommend professional hairstyles for men that prioritize and understand the importance of looking put together.

1. Side Part

A side part is classic, stylish, and most importantly, low maintenance and one of the most popular professional hairstyles for men. The latter is important because you want to keep a look that you don’t have to touch up multiple times during the day. Moreover, your hair will look great in a side part whether it’s straight, wavy, or curly.

To create this suave professional look, comb your hair to the side you think suits your face and let it fall naturally. Apply pomade or matte clay to hold your hair in place.

side part - professional hairstyles men - The Dashing Man

This look is also a beautiful side part for men with a medium hair length, with enough practice, you too can look like this!

long side part - professional hairstyles men - The Dashing Man

2. Messy Side Part

This look is basically the side part but without the extra process of holding it down with gel. On days when you feel like you want to let your hair rest from the hair products, you can simply side part your hair and comb it a just a bit.

This look may be called messy but it still manages to look composed when paired with a nicely trimmed beard and a well-ironed suit.

professional hairstyles men - The Dashing Man

3. The Bro Flow

When you look at this image, the first word that might come to your head is rugged and relaxed. This look is perfect for men in creative, entrepreneurial industry like fashion or technology. Furthermore, you need a suave and relaxed personality to carry off this look.

If you have longer hair length, this look is perfect for you. Additionally, you can pair it with a collared shirt, tailored blazer and most importantly, neatly groomed facial hair.

professional hairstyles for men - The Dashing Man

4.  Gelled Quiff

Ever since the 1950s, the quiff trend has never truly died down. The reason this look is so popular is that it’s polished and professional. Here, the stylist has added some gel into the hair to make them look more pronounced and defined.

To enhance this look, make sure your hairline is aligned and even. You don’t have to worry too much about the formal wear because it looks good with anything, that’s the best part about the quiff. Lastly, don’t forget to add enough high-shine to create that glossy look.

quiff professional hairstyles for men - The Dashing Man

5. Buzz Cut

If you want a hassle-free professional hairstyle for men then the buzz cut is the perfect cut for you. It’s simple, and perfectly masculine because of the military-reminiscent history.

To make the look more catered to your face, ask your barber to style it to suit your face.

buzz cut - professional hairstyles for men - The Dashing Man

6. Crew Cut

A crew cut is an ideal professional hairstyle for men. It doesn’t require a lot of styling in the morning so you can immediately head out for work. It’s neat and tidy, plus this minimalistic style is classic and works perfectly well with a suit.

If you have facial hair, make sure to trim it down to match with the subtlety of a crew cut.

crew cut - professional hairstyles for men - The Dashing Man

7. Side part + Fade cut

What happens when we pair two classic looks? We get this beautiful amalgamation of sleek and stylish. Here, the medium length hair has been side parted to make it look soft and bouncy. It’s juxtaposed with a clear cut fade on the right side to give it a sharp touch.

Moreover, this looks works even better if you have dyed your hair blonde, as the dark roots create a nice base to the entire look.

best professional hairstyles for men - The Dashing Man

8. Messy Quiff

We’ve discussed about the classic gelled quiff, now let us talk about the messy quiff. This look is perfect for men in higher positions as it maintains a casual effortless look with confidence and authority. Especially, if you have greying hair on the side, you can use this look to make them stand out and style it.

So, just when you’re about to head out, take your comb and slightly comb it back without no overuse of gel or shine polish.

trending professional hairstyles men - The Dashing Man

This is a slightly sharper quiff but still somewhat messy and dignified. What makes this stand out is the beautifully trimmed beard that shapes the face.

professional hairstyles for men - The Dashing Man

9. Quiff + Crew Cut

For men with straight hair, this looks works well because your hair will naturally point out in without too much hair product. It’s a very casual look whilst still looking polished. Plus, this look makes you look youthful and energetic.

quiff and crew cut - professional hairstyles for men - The Dashing Man

10. Comb Over

The iconic comb over adds a touch of class to your hair reminding us of the vintage looks. It’s polished, sophisticated and flattering on nearly all face shapes. Furthermore, it’s the perfect hairstyle for the workplace.

You can have your beard clean shaven or with a beard, and it would still look good. When in doubt, simply comb it out!

pull back professional hairstyles for men - The Dashing Man

12. Medium Length Middle Part

When it comes to professional hairstyle for men, a medium hair middle part might seem unsual but if you have flowing locks that you think you can pull off then it’s definitely worth the try!

It’s really simple, just take the back end of your comb and place it along the center of your face and begin parting your hair. Add some gel and polish for an added touch of sleekness.

middle part long hair - professional hairstyles for men - The Dashing Man

13. Clean Shave

Whether you are dealing with alopecia or simply want to send a bold message, a clean shave is a spectacular look.

To perfect this look even more, visit a barber and ask for an ultra-clean look as a shave at home might leave some patchy areas. You can also be bolder, by going clean shave on your facial hair too, provided you have the face structure for it.

bald professional hairstyles for men - The Dashing Man

14. Man Bun

If you have long or medium hair, the easiest method is to tie it and create that professional man bun that stands out.

This look is neat and rugged, all in one. Make sure to completely tie all of your hair and not leave a single strand flopping across your face. In fact, you can opt for gel to make it look sharper. You can also pair with a thick beard if you want.

man bun professional hairstyles for men - The Dashing Man

The Best Professional Hairstyles for Men

To know the best professional hairstyles for men, you need to experiment more and learn about what suits your face structure. We hope you have found the perfect hairstyle for you to style in order to bring your A-game to meetings.

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