Bro Codes: Never Break these 20 Bro Rules

Bro code- the friendship etiquette that is followed among men. It is a living document, just like the Constitution. A way of life between bros. Every guy out there needs to know these bro codes because nobody can understand a man better than his guy best friend when it comes to friendships. No matter what happens, these bro codes must not be broken.

To make sure that your bromance is alive and thriving, here is a compilation of 20 Bro codes that you should never break.

1. Be a good wingman

Guys become extra careful when there are girls around. Being a good wingman is all about having your buddy’s back, helping him out, knowing when to walk over, and being the little push your friend wants. Remember that tonight is not about you. No embarrassing stories, no out-of-the-box talking, and definitely not flirting with the girl your buddy has eyes on. A good wingman is hard to come by. So be responsible and prepared when your friend calls you for a special night.

2. Let him have the stage

Everyone is different. Some may have a good sense of humor, others may be good at maths, some may be extroverts while others like to live in their small circle. One of the major rules of the bro code is to know when to leave the stage for the other. Let the one who doesn’t speak much, have the place, let him impress, let him express. You can stand, feel proud of how far your buddy has come, and laughed at his jokes.

3. Let him know his faults

Not only this is for bro codes, but the friendships as well. You should always tell them where they are going wrong. Of course, you will be looking out for them, but why not save them while you can. If you will not tell him about his mistakes then who will? But not while you are fighting.

4. Help him move home

Moving home is a troublesome job. It is always appreciated when the people close to you offer you a helping hand. You may do a minimal job or just assist, but this small gesture will have a great impact. They will know that you will be there to help them always.

5. Forgive him always

A bro should always be forgiven. Bros are for life, and there is nothing a bro can do to deserve hatred. Forgiveness will let you make way for things to work. You cannot let small fights and misunderstandings ruin your bromance.

6. Celebrate your bromance

Bromance should always be celebrated. If anybody, especially a girl looks down upon it, you have every right to shoot her. They’re just jealous because they’ll never know what it means to be a part of a bro code. It becomes very essential to celebrate the relationships you have, once in a while.

7. Lookout when a blackout

A bro should always look after another bro if he blacks out. It also becomes his duty to tell him all that happened last night, however much bad it was, and what scene he did create. Bros trust each other with their life, and it shall be maintained especially when one blackout.

8. Guy’s ex

Even if you get involved with a bro’s ex, with his permission, of course, you should always remember to never rub it in his face. Remember that it was the girl’s choice to date you and you cannot use this against your bro. Let this thing settle quietly. And he says you to stay away from his ex, there is no further questioning.

9. No setting him up on a blind date

No one wants to be thrown into the ocean without the life jacket, right? Blind dates can go wrong. Help him out beforehand with some pictures, name, job, likes, etc.

10. No ditching your man

Bro code is for looking out for your buddy. You just can not ditch him for another party, date, or anything. You are together in the things you do.

11. Do not date bro’s sister

Dating bro’s sister is a NO NO!! If it doesn’t end well it will be a great loss for you. It may also affect your relationship with your bro. So dude, avoid dating his sister. There are many other girls around.

12. Girl in the bro gang

First, do not allow any girl to enter your bro gang. Second, even if any girl manages to enter the bro gang, you should never reveal the bro code to her. You can treat her as one amongst you but never disclose any bro code rules to her until she wins your trust completely. Who knows, she may be an undercover agent!!!

13. Don’t be an agent for his girlfriend

Remember if his girlfriend asks you about his whereabouts, you know nothing – nothing at all. Protect his whereabouts with your life. YES! Keep track of where he is, keep it to yourself, hang up his girlfriend’s call, and warn him immediately that he may be in trouble.

14. Four important things

There are four things in the bro code, about your bro that you must respect in all conditions – his house, his parents, his girlfriend, and most important of all, his car/bike. You cannot disrespect any of these at any cost. They are his lifeline and being a responsible bro, you much lookout and respect these things.

15. Honest opinion

If your bro asks you about your opinion about his new date, you are supposed to give an honest answer. If you like the girl, tell him and if you don’t like her, tell him. Don’t create room for thoughts like, ” I was thinking this girl was not right for you”. An honest opinion from you will help him more.

16. Don’t make him feel bad:

For many choices, decisions, or steps your bro takes, you are not allowed to make him feel ashamed for the same. You should always have their back. Understand the situation they were in and don’t blame them or make them feel bad about it. Your support is what they want.

17. Maintain bro’s image

Make it a point to do whatever it takes to make your bro look like a superhero in front of others. Even if he is bad at a certain sport you’re playing, you play weak and save his image. Your bro’s image should be your topmost priority. Make him the center of attraction always.

18. Drunken bro

A bro should never allow another bro to text a girl when he is drunk. In case his girlfriend calls when he is drunk, the phone must be kept in the custody of someone sober or you handle the call until the bro comes back to his senses. You cannot let his relationship be at risk just because he is drunk.

19. No intimate details

A bro shall never ask and describe his sexual encounter in explicit detail to any of his bros. This might lead to them imagining him in compromising positions that are forbidden by the bro code. So keep your intimate details to yourself and have the respect to not ask your bros about them too. Bro code lays down some boundaries which must not be crossed.

20. Appreciation

A fist bump is a form of appreciation. You shall use it to show acceptance, appreciation. Appreciation always works, it makes your bond even stronger and builds trust. Use this weapon often to have your bros know that you’re on their side.

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