20 Most Stylish Long Hairstyles for Men

Long hairstyles for men have been a classic choice among men for decades. There are some variations in the hairstyle but otherwise, long hairstyles are very popular amongst men. In the next few minutes, you are going to see some of the best trendy long hairstyles for men!

How does a long hairstyle suit man?

This question is one of the prime questions that men who wish to grow their hair out have the most. Well, to put it in simple words for better understanding. Long hairstyles suit men quite a lot. This is only best when you keep your hair properly groomed at regular intervals. Ungroomed hair especially when it is grown out would look like a forest on fire!

And, we are sure that you certainly don’t want that. So, make your that even when you are growing out your hair, you regularly visit your hair groomer.

Men during the medieval centuries had long hair and we all know how power oozed from them. The brave knights, kings, and warriors particularly kept their hair long in order to maintain a unique style and bravado. This is one of the reasons why long hairstyles suit men quite a lot!

Coming back to the main area of focus of this article, let’s check out these dashing hairstyles now.

Long hairstyle for men with black hair

Who says that men with black hair can’t pull off the long hairstyle? Although black hair tends to get greasy very easily, this should not be taken as a negative point.

Greasy hair will give you the rugged, rough, and tough manly vibes that all men try so hard to achieve. For men with black hair, this is a faster natural process.

You can comb your hair in a small side partition and untangled the tangled curls. Leave the rest for the wind and you will surely get a rugged appeal instantly!

The wavy curls do the magic man!

This one’s for you guys with curly hair! With this hairstyle, you can make the most out of your natural curls. Your curls are of course wavy in nature and it would be a shame if you would let it go to waste.

All you need to do is swipe all of your hair on one side. The small curls will automatically form a wavy length right above your forehead giving you a charming look.

And as for the rest of your hair, you can either tie it in a man bun or let it loose. Either way, you are going to look charming as always!

Cool disheveled hairstyle for men

Oh, the natural bedhead hair never looks better than this! Now, say, do we really need to explain this? We guess that you have already figured the next one out. You are a smart one, ayeee!

To put it in a few words, just don’t do anything for this one. You can apply hair gel if you want to set your hair in one place but apart from that, your hair is capable enough to do the magic here!

Another secret: Disheveled hairstyle is also becoming extremely popular these days!

Learn some cool tips from the Aqua-Man himself!

Mr. Jason Momoa can be considered as the modern ambassador of long hair among men! That man has class. So, why don’t you learn the best from the master himself?

A little bit of hair gel, set back some of the hair with a partition of your choice – side or middle. Then comb out the tangles out of your hair, and Voila! you are all ready to go!

The all-time favorite – ponytail hairstyle for men

Ponytail is one of the most popular and comfortable hairstyles for men out there! While working long hair can cause a lot of discomfort to men, especially when they are not used to keeping long hair.

So, the simple solution is to tie up your hair in a hair tie and rock the hairstyle like a boss!

Look like a brave warrior with the bun hairstyle

Bun hairstyle is one of the most attractive hairstyles for men. And only a few are able to rock this one like a pro. So, if you think that you can pull this off, then all you need is a little bit of hair gel and a hair tie.

Sometimes letting the hair loose is the best idea

Your hair needs a well-deserved break once in a while. All the styling can cause a great deal of damage too if you are not properly taking care of your hair. So, for that, sometimes you got to let your hair loose often.

You can untangle the knots and do a partition or even no partition. Remember, confidence is the key!

Styled back long hair for special events!

The best thing about having long hair is that you unlock the specialty of rocking multiple hairstyles whenever you want.

When you are going to attend a special event, there is nothing better than a styled-back long hair hairstyle!

Long curly curls make your hair look wavy!

Just like the ‘Hangover star, Bradley Cooper loves to rock his signature wavy hair look, you can pull this off too!

All you need to do is comb your hair backward and your hair will set on its own!

This is the best hairstyle for men with semi-curly hair!

Is your hair a combination of both straight and curly hair? Well, this is something very cool indeed!

We have one trendy hairstyle just for you!

For this, you just need to do a side partition and untangle the knots from your hair. Your hair will set automatically on its own!

Mr. Kutcher doing it right!

Who says that middle partitions do not work well for men? Mr. Ashton Kutcher is the perfect example to make you see how handsome a middle partition will make you look! Ashton Kutcher

If Wolverine can pull off this look, so can you!

Your silky smooth hair will give you a powerful aura when you try out the hairstyle given below!

The Marvel men always do it right!

When we are talking about long hairstyles, how can we miss out on our God of thunder? Chris Hemsworth is one dashing man who proudly rocks his blonde locks and you can try this too!

Current trendsetter- the half bun hairstyle for men!

Now, this one is becoming ridiculously popular among men of all ages. The half bun hairstyle screams power and we are here for it!

long hairstyles for men - The Dashing Man - 17

Look Fab, feel fab with this hairstyle

This one is for the silver foxes out there! You can absolutely kill this look (in a good way)!

long hairstyles for men - The Dashing Man - 16

A little tip here my friend, if you are getting your hair grown out, it is very essential that you regularly wash your hair with a natural shampoo and apply conditioner after. Prevent extreme heat if you can. As it is the most common reason for hair damage.

Now, that you are growing your hair, it will be more susceptible to damage. It is very important to keep that in check to prevent further problems.

Also, not to forget the most important Tip, regularly oil your hair. You can use any oil from coconut oil to almond oil or any other oil for that matter. Regular oiling will make your hair stronger from within the roots and this will be useful for you when you are growing hair long.

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